NOT MINE 1968 Sport Fury (Not Mine)

I saw this one, I resisted. The sob story isn't really a selling factor, plus.

title status: missing

I communicated with the seller, asked for the fender tag, never came through, I 'm not sure the story is real. even in Kentucky they need a title for father/son
Keep your paper work together. Its a simple thing. But so many hoarders live in chaos and can't keep it together.
Nothing wrong with car hoarders. I love them. They have everything to do with the availability of old restorable cars. People with more sense and order, scrap those cars when there value gets down to near nothing.
But if you really give much of a **** about old cars, have a plan to die.
I have a $5 yard sale file cabinet and more cars and motorcycles than one man can enjoy.
When I kroak all the paper is in that cabinet!

Somebody can actually haul home a pipe dream to complete or pass on if they choose.

I would much rather surrender all the state documents because I don't need the government to certify what I own. I understand property.
But as long as we have it. Ill keep the papers in order for the sake of the passion.
I have a feeling they bought it without a title as the story goes he said they just got the project a couple of years ago. It's a fairly complete car to fix up, but not a 5 grand fixer, but wad'da I'kno some these daze value a core BB at over $1,000 dollars...