NOT MINE 1969 Chrysler 300 Convertible - $22,000 - San Jose, California


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Sep 8, 2020
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Sidewinder, Colorado
At the time of posting, this CL listing is 4 days old.

1969 Chrysler 300 Convertible - $22,000 - San Jose, California

CL Description
VIN: CM27K9C100058

Chrysler 300 Convertible. This is a rare, matching numbers car in great condition - everything works properly on this car and everything is all original, with the original engine and transmission. The car looks fabulous.
It has a super-strong 440 cu in - all tuned perfectly and it's awesomely powerful, yet it's quiet and handles really well too. It starts instantly, every time. Warm it up then get on the road, it's responsive, comfortable and quiet for 6 people to cruise around town or on the highway. If you put your foot down some it roars magnificently and puts out all its 350hp.

I'm about to lose my second garage, so I have to sell this wonderful car. So make me a reasonable offer and it's yours.
It will be in the Cars 4 sale corral at the Good Guys Alameda County car show on Saturday, November 13th - and Sunday too, if the car isn't already sold on Saturday. You can't miss it - a long white convertible.

################### See lots of photos here: Untitled Document ###################
About the car:

No oil leaks, no electrical bugs - very strong and powerful engine, starts instantly.
Power windows, Power antenna, Power convertible top
The original 440 cu in engine, but with the 440 TNT heads and in great condition.
(with new valves, hardened seats, new valve springs, seals)

Original 727 torque-flite transmission, overhauled in 2021.

Many other upgrades done from 2019 to 2021 including:

New fuel tank
New dual exhaust
New carburetor
New distributor
MSD-5 ignition
New oil pump
New fuel pump
New heater blower
New 65 amp alternator
New solid-state regulator
New fusebox with reset-able master circuit breaker
All-new Chrysler-factory-original upholstery
New deluxe, top of the line white (cream) convertible top with wide real glass rear window
New windshield - not installed - keep it as a spare.
New adjustable rear air shocks
New tires
New battery

Many more smaller but important upgrades throughout the car.
All wiring is original and checked out - no weird splices and modifications.

Everything works, including the original AM radio, which has been overhauled and FM and bluetooth added.

All original under the hood - no modernizing, except the for upgraded (1970-type) alternator and solid-state voltage regulator.

Engine starts instantly every time, no smoke, no leaks anywhere. This car isn't a dripper.
Some of the original badging was removed when the car was repainted and I have all those original badges in perfect condition, stored in the trunk.
Those include the 'T H R E E H U N D R E D' lettering - both sets, and the Chrysler badge from the trunk lid.

Not a rust bucket! Floor pans, trunk floor etc all perfectly intact. The paint is really good quality - really smooth, no 'orange peel' and was done before I owned the car. If there was any rust present they obviously took care of it properly at that time. I can't find any evidence of areas rusted through, neither on top nor below the car.

It will be in the Cars 4 sale corral at the Good Guys Alameda County car show on Saturday, November 13th - and Sunday too, if the car isn't already sold on Saturday. You can't miss it - a long whit convertible.
I'm bringing the pink slip and a trunk full of spare parts including the complete cruise control - still brand new new, in its box.It was a dealer add-on option in 1969.

The car is fully serviceable and is a terrific, reliable, running car - ready to drive away and do a cross-country, long distance drive immediately.
Thanks for looking!

cuda hunter

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Jul 16, 2019
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All those pics and no pic of the fender tag.

That is one sweet car!


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Dec 20, 2014
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Low VIN...might be a pre-production or show car. Be interesting to see the tag if it has special order VON.