NOT MINE 1969 Dodge Phoenix Sedan - A$27,400 - Blantyre, Queensland, Australia

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    1969 Dodge Phoenix Sedan - A$27,400 - Blantyre, Queensland, Australia

    A$27,400 = USD 21,330 :wideyed:

    Seller's Description
    This beautiful RHD Phoenix was originally bought new in the dry farming district of Lameroo in SA with an excellent body, original patina, paint and interior, odometer mileage 59,000 miles believed genuine. I drove this car home from SA to Boonah QLD over four years ago without a hitch except for a broken windscreen on the “Chrystal Highway” near Warwick, now replaced with a new tinted laminated screen. This well-preserved Dodge is fitted with its original 318 V8 and Auto trans, drives better than you would expect, smooth as! Nice exhaust note too! Car comes with Handbooks, history and many hard-to-get spares such as headlight surrounds, replacement grille, original hubcaps, spare rear windscreen and much more, plus comprehensive Work
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