For Sale 1970 300

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Timmy 300 ragtop

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Nov 19, 2019
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I am selling my 1970 300, this is a great running and driving car, with many extra parts contact me for more pictures and information

Thank you for posting the car on FCBO. Can you tell us more about its history, the good and weak points (if any), and post some additional photos in the thread? The site limit is 10 photos per post, so you may need a couple fo posts to show the exterior, interior, engine, underside, etc. And, please include the fender tag!
I am asking 21. I looked around and my 300 is in way better shape and it’s a great job and driving car
Very, very nice car. I love the color combo. A few questions:

1. Has CM27T0C235784 been repainted? Unless it is an optical illusion, the photo of the engine bay shows slightly different shades of yellow on the bulkhead vs. the fenders.
2. In the same vein, have the seats been re-upholstered? In your photos, it seems there is a difference in the vinyl of the buddy seat /headrest (why only one?) / side panels vs. the buckets and rear bench.
3. Same question for the top and the boot cover -- original or replaced? If the latter, do you have photos showing the top up and the brightwork?
4. What works and what does not? For example, in all the photos you have uploaded, the rear windows are never fully down -- why?
5. What happened to the R13 radio?
6. Is the engine original? I note the orange paint, which I thought would be correct for a U-code car but not for a T-code.

Look forward to your responses! I am posting my questions here, as opposed to sending you a PM, so that everyone can see your reply and thus save you time.
I am not sure about the color because it was done before I bought it
Also it did not have a Radio when I bought is
The AC dose still have pressure on it but does not kick on
The top and windows do. But dose need to be replaced
I just recovered the seats but not the buddy seat
Yes the Motor and trans are original but the engine was rebuilt ( Speed Service in Chicago) before I bought it
The windows do work but the do move slow
This is a great car and a great driver
I do have extra parts hub caps steel wheels
Nice car! I usually don't like fy1 but it really looks great on this platform with the white top and xw interior!
Interesting car given the FY1 colour on the fender tag. Judging it on Edelbrock triangle of death air cleaner, I'd say it was painted and gone through 20-25 years ago.
Some more detailed photos of the car inside and out as well as detailed parts list would be nice. It has a cool factor being a high impact colour Chrysler drop top. GLWS.
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