1970-71 Plymouth Front turn signal lenses


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Aug 25, 2018
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Sydney Australia
Hi there,

I was hoping someone could confirm the usage of the lenses in the photos for Plymouth Fury / Superbird. The Clear version was definitely used In the Australian Dodge Phoenix in 1970 -71 models (basically a RHD Plymouth Fury). Can anyone confirm which Plymouth models it was used in for 1970-71?

I think 1970 Sport Fury GT's and i have heard 1970 superbirds used clear, not sure about other fury variants that year in US or overseas.

Did it all change to Amber in 1971?

Part numbers on the front of the lenses i have (Australian Dodge Phoenix - so could have been a special run of unique part numbers... who knows) AMBER 3403098 - 9 and CLEAR 3403806-7 (the -9 and -7 is the other side lens)

The parts manual on mymopar for 70-71 does not have these numbers (or that i could find) so was hoping someone has another reference or a huge garage of 70-71 plymouths that can confirm ;)

70 71 front amber.jpg

70 71 front clear.jpg