For Sale 1970 Sport Fury Wheel Opening Moldings, Lenses, Emblems

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Aug 11, 2018
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mackinaw, IL.
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TRADE ONLY: Have these extra nos left and right front 70-71 fury wheel opening moldings, re-chromed trunk SPORT FURY emblem(needs 3m emblem tape), excellent original trunk medallion with repro inside decal(close but not exact), mint steering wheel with no cracks and excellent grain finish, new taillight lenses and front turn lenses, and an excellent copy of the battery guard(same guage metal).
Wanted; Trade for left rear nos wheel opening molding(3419737), nos trunk lid medallion with sport fury insert, nos or excellent used rocker sill moldings(3419826, 827), and a working in-dash tach. Need these parts to finish car before summer. Have other misc. nos and re-chromed parts such as road wheel domes, splined caps etc. Wish to trade only, or if you wish just to sell the parts I'm looking for that will work too. If you wish to trade in person I will be at the Indy show, Minnesota, and belvedere, Il. shows.


Also have an nos 70 sport fury front lower valance for trade only for above parts wanted.


B to C, do you know where you got the repo insert for your trunk medallion?
I had a sign place make them for me, had to give him an original one and some pics and measurements to duplicate. But like I said, he hasn't been able to get any more of that decal material. The original source cut back and stopped making it.
B to C, do you know where you got the repo insert for your trunk medallion?
Dave Wheeler with the restored 6bbl GT had a run of foil decal inserts made. If you can get in touch with him he might have a few left.

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