NOT MINE 1971 Imperial LeBaron 4dr on eBay


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Jan 30, 2012
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YM43T1C121677 is for sale on eBay. The burgundy interior looks good, though the steering wheel is cracked and the driver's seat looks in surprisingly better condition than the rear seat. From the ad:

"numbers match 440 727, engine .040 overhaul by previous owner, runs and drives very well. 8.75 rear changed to 2:73/1, Mopar Performance full floating rear bearings, makes engine very happy at 70mph all day long. Tires are good.

This car is a "driver/fixer upper" A/C inop., needs work.

IT IS A REASONABLY CLEAN SOUTHERN CAR. NOT AN OHIO RUSTBUCKET. Paint is in very poor condition. Left rear quarter been repaired, has bondo /repaint. Vinyl top is original, previous owner & I both added silicone around window trims to stop water intrusion. Expect rust underneath. Chrome pitted, rear bumper bent up.

Mechanically sound, many updates, can be driven any distance reliably.

It is UNRESTORED and old.

I've kept it garaged and only drive in good weather.

The good: great car, solid trunk and floors, senior citizen owned. Turns heads. Great motor/trans/rear. Interior comfortable, headliner carpet and front seat cover replaced by previous owner. No musty smells. Kick panel vents circulate awesome air flow with vent windows. Cool ride. Many updates, electrical protection added and amp meter bypassed for fire safety (Google it). Drive it anywhere reliably.

The bad: Speedo inop miles unknown. Various minor annoying repairs needed , drivers vent window motor inop, left rear window motor inop, HVAC needs work, weathetstripping is old and leaky. Stereo inop. Right front suspension clunks occasionally on small bumps probably upper control arm bushing or shock maybe?, ball joints and tie rods ok. Miles unknown. Remember it's a driver!






Would this be an R8-russet Or an R9-ox blood Interior?
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I'm surprised this car has not sold for the buy it now price.

I can see that there is rust in the rear window/ dutchman's panel.
Would the location have something to do with the gun shyness on this car?
H53, since the air is INOP.

Why couldn't this car be a 2 door?
Is this an R48 factory power/retractable antenna and is that a factory position?

From the ebay seller,

Unable to add a photo, I tried.
R32 B41 G11 V5X P45 M45 P33 P41
V1X M53 R35 L21 L35 H31
TX9 MLE8 GE7 923 000134
E85 D32 YM43 71G 121677.
Thanks, Tony
Front passenger fender is what I expected as all my mopars are like that.

Obviously, I have not seen the power antenna/retractable set up.
The factory power antenna doesn't retract all the way down, it stays up about 8-12 inches. It's also thicker than this one and has a stainless bead at the top, where as this one is black.
The factory power antenna doesn't retract all the way down, it stays up about 8-12 inches. It's also thicker than this one and has a stainless bead at the top, where as this one is black.
True on Chryslers, but on Imperials they do fully retract, probably because there is more space available between the firewall snd the wheelhouse.

As was written above, the correct location (on a 1969 and 1970 Imperial) would be on the passenger side fender. As Imperial Pete correctly noted, 1971 Imperials came with the radio antenna laminated in the windscreen, so originally there was no antenna hole in the fender in a 1971 Imperial.
The Imperialists got me there. I was aware of the windshield antenna in '71, just didn't put one and one together. The power antenna sitting flush on the Imperials is news to me, and the reasoning makes sense.