1971 N-code Factory Sunroof Newport

Since we are talking about sunroofs Mopars, here are two ‘73 two-doors together in episode 4, season 7 of Mannix (“little girl lost”) Challenger and NYB. I happened to watch it tonight after dinner — talk about coincidences. The first photo does not show the roofs clearly, so I included two other screen shots. I know, no 1971 Newport here, but I could not resist.



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Out of shear coincidence, I happened to be talking to a former C body guy on a First Gen Ram page over on Facebook last night and he posted up a familiar photo. @saforwardlook have you heard this story before?
I am really happy to see it is (was) still around. I have a few pictures from prior to my sale of the car.

But I can't seem to get the "upload image" button to work, and no longer have a photo host site to post a url.
I am really happy to see it is (was) still around. I have a few pictures from prior to my sale of the car.

But I can't seem to get the "upload image" button to work, and no longer have a photo host site to post a url.

try copying the pic and then pasting directly into a comment
I transferred them to my laptop, and the image loader likes me now.

Keep in mind this was a car I had owned in the early to mid 90's so the lift shackles and air shocks were not so out of place. Growing up in the 70's the penny pusher look was the thing to do.

These are pictures of pictures, these were taken well before digital cameras were in everyone's hands, and cell phones were still large and mostly brick like.





Sorry about the hood pins, I was 22 and it was my cherished hotrod at the time.

Always garage kept during my tenure as caretaker, washed weekly, waked or polished monthly, with spray and wipe care care done nearly daily when it was uses as my daily driver.

I traded a very rusty 1964 D200 standard cab 3/4 ton flatbed truck straight across to a dealer for the Newport in the spring of 1992. Shes been to the 1/4 mile track at in Scribner, NE a few times for "run what ya' brung" events. For the most part it was my daily driver for about 3 years, then became my weekend cruiser for street cruising. During my ownership it had meticulous service, regular oil changes and maintenance, 20-50 Valvoline oil, WIX filter, and I did my best to keep the unicorn front ball joints in good condition. I kept the sunroof track, and drains clean and lubed, it never leaked when I had it.

I added the Edelbrock carb, and open element filter. (the original Holley was in bad shape).

The speedometer will bury the needle on the interstate if you have enough room to open it up, and isn't scary to run. It just sorta floated down the road.

I remember getting pulled over by the Iowa State Patrol one day on the way into Omaha Nebraska, from Glenwood Iowa. Not for speeding, but because my car "matched the description" of someone reportedly running firearms. I sat there on the side of the interstate for 20 minutes because I refused to allow the officer to search my vehicle without a search warrant.

I recall telling him there was no way my car was described as the car they were looking for. Even back then I knew it was a one of a very few cars made. Possibly the only one in its configuration.
The Newport arrived this morning (Monday) - couldn't be more pleased with it. Hooked up a battery and the sunroof actually worked well and even shut completely. I have to get a new battery cable terminal and then I should be able to start it soon. The windows roll up and down like new - it must be an original 40K mile car given that alone, and I also found a receipt from 1998 in the glove box for a set of tires dated 1998 with the car listed as having 30K miles back then.

Those may be the same tires I put on it shortly before I sold it. Do you recall if the receipt was from a tire shop in Council Bluffs? Possibly Bob's Tires?
@hp383 -- Your care for the car probably explains in large part of why it survived in such good condition :thumbsup:

There were not many documents inside when @saforwardlook and I got to the Newport. Do you know its history before you bought it?
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All I recall from when I bought it is that the owner previous to me was supposed to have been the original owner, and he had ordered or bought the car because of the HP engine to haul his boat to and from the marina.

It had one of those old 70's style chrome bolt on bumper hitches when I first got it and it was removed very shortly after I got it.

He traded the car in on a newer minivan, as he was older and had sold the boat.