1972 Polara Custom


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Jan 19, 2024
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I picked up this Polara about 3 years ago. I nicked named it "Crusty". It is a original paint car that is pretty straight but is a bit rusty. It probably would have been parted out or worse.I always liked this body style and dig the cool back seat with the Polara emblem on it, I saw some hope in it. I figured I would test my welding skills on it, and have put @ 40+ hours in welding up the frame. Surprisingly the floors and trunk floor are pretty solid. It has a 360 that one of the previous owners added a 4 barrel intake and carb. I did replace the original timing gears, it was close to self destructing! I peeled off what was left of the vinyl roof and painted it with the textured truck bed paint, a lot of people don't notice the difference! I put a new dual exhaust on it to replace the failing old one, probably doubling the value!! It is actually a good running and riding car. I will get to the body work some time.It is the roughest of my old car fleet but I really enjoy driving it. The car cover was partially frozen on to the car when I took the pictures.





It looks great in the photo's, looks like GY9, I'm a fan of that color, the dash appears to be in nice condition and the early dog dish caps work as well. I hope you'll post more photo's and info. as the weather gets better.
And it has a complete front valence too it appears. The cornering lights are a real plus on any car to my eyes. I like it and how you are taking it to the next level. Enjoy it fully!
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Thanks for looking and the nice compliments. I paid $1000 back in 2020. I think the seller wanted to get his money back for the new fuel tank, tires and carb.Yes it has a nice front valance. I managed to find the missing "E" for the Dodge on the front header panel , and finding the nice washer bottle on a car someone was parting out was a bonus! Here are a few pics I took a couple of years ago.

phone pics october 2020 074.jpg

phone pics october 2020 075.jpg
The hood medallion is an interesting choice, looks like you already have a lot of the hard to find items.