1977 Chryco Sales Codes List


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Jul 11, 2018
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One thing to remember... 99.9% of online decoders suck.

Below is a complete list of the 1977 Chryco sales codes, as they are found on the back of broadcast sheets. Now we need lists for the other model years, merge them and voilà, your Formal fender tag decoder is served!

(See also the comments at the bottom of the list.)

83-100-0140 (Backer) Rev. 6-76

A01 Light Package
A03 W/Shield Wiper Pkg
A04 Basic Group
A05 Canadian Basic Grp
A06 Easy Order Pkg
A08 Luxury Eq Pkg
A13 A/Cond Pkg Canada
A15 Protection Group
A16 Lug/Rack - Asst Hdls
A18 Cargo - Flr/Cpt - Lock
A21 Rd/Runner - RT Decor
A34 Light T/Tow Pkg
A35 H/Duty T/Tow Pkg
A37 Taxi Pkg
A38 Police Pkg
A42 Police Mldg Pkg
A53 T/Tone Paint Pkg
A55 Radial Tire Pkg
A57 Daytona - Rd/Run - RT Pkg
A91 Deluxe Insul Pkg

B11 Std Duty Ft Disc Brk
B12 HD Ft Disc Brk
B13 Taxi Ft Disc Brk
B25 10 x 2.5 Rr Brakes
B26 11 x 2.5 Rr Brk - Taxi
B28 11 x 2.5 Rr Brakes
B41 Pwr Disc Frt/Drm Rr
B42 HD - Pwr Disc Ft/Drm Rr
B43 Man/Disc Ft/Drum Rr
B46 Taxi P/Disc Ft/Drum Rr

C02 Cargo Compt - Dress Up
C06 Qtr Pnl - Stowage Bin
C15 Spl Sound Insul - Type I
C16 Console
C17 Spl S/Insul - Type II
C18 Delete - Sound Insul
C21 Ctr Frt Cush/Arm Rest
C23 Rr Arm Rest/Ash Tray
C25 Flr Thermo Insul
C34 HD Frt Dr - Arm Rest
C52 Bench Seat
C54 S/Back Bench - Ctr A/R
C56 Bucket Seats
C57 60/40 Bench Seat
C58 50/50 Bench Seat
C73 Fold Down Rr Seat
C81 Seat Spgs - HD Frt
C83 Seat Spgs - HD Rr
C91 Carpets - Shag
C92 Acc Floor Mats
C93 Carpets - Pile
C94 Std Duty Floor Mats
C95 HD Flr Mats - Blk - Ft/Rr
C96 Partial Trunk Dress-Up
C97 Trunk Dress Up

D13 3 Spd M/T-Flr Sht
D14 3 Spd M/T-Col Sht
D24 4 Spd O/Drive Trans
D31 A904 A/Trans
D32 A998 A/Trans
D33 A999 A/Trans
D34 Std Duty A/Trans
D35 HD A/Trans
D36 A727 A/Trans
D38 HD A904 A/Trans
D51 2.71/2.76 Axle
D52 2.93/2.94 Axle
D53 3.21/3.23 Axle
D55 2.45 Axle
D56 3.54/3.55 Axle
D68 Std Axle
D69 Spl Ord Axle
D81 7.25 Axle Size
D82 8.25/8.38 Axle Size
D85 9.25 Axle Size
D91 Sure Grip Axle

E24 225 6 Cyl - 1 Bbl
E25 225 6 Cyl/HD - 1 Bbl
E26 225 6 Cyl - 2 Bbl
E44 318 8 Cyl - 2 Bbl
E56 360 8 Cyl - 4 Bbl
E57 360 8 Cyl - 2 Bbl
E58 360 8 Cyl - 4 Bbl [HP]
E64 400 8 Cyl - 4 Bbl
E68 400 8 Cyl - 4 Bbl [HP]
E85 440 8 Cyl - 4 Bbl
E86 440 8 Cyl - 4 Bbl [HP]

F02 Cons/Inf - Passing Perf
F03 Cons/Inf - Braking Perf
F04 Cons/Inf - Tire Data
F05 Cons/Inf - Mud/Snow Data
F07 Hvy Dty Engine Compnts
F11 50 Amp Alt
F12 41 Amp Alt
F13 60 Amp Alt
F17 100 Amp Alt
F18 HD 65 Amp Alt
F22 305 Amp Bat
F23 375 Amp Bat
F25 440 Amp Bat
F27 500 Amp Bat
F33 S/Lite - Lt Plr
F35 S/Lite - Rt Plr
F38 Roof Reinf
F41 Roof Wiring - w/Hole
F42 Additional D/Lamp
F43 Reinf For Plr S/Lites
F51 Double Bottom F/Tank
F52 Man l/Gear Blockout
F53 25.5 Gal Fuel Tank
F56 Anti-Freeze 35 Minus
F57 T/Bar Rr/Mem Eng Mount
F58 Rr C/M Reinf Or Welds
F61 Ft W/Hse H/Temp Seal
F64 Taxi Meter Cable
F66 H/Spd A/C Cut Off Sw
F71 Universal S/Key Pkg
F72 Single Key Pkg
F82 Deck Lid Rel - Elect
F83 S/Stl Hose Clamps
F88 Eng Oil Cooler
F92 Thermo Ign Vac Valve
F94 P/Stg Pump Oil Cooler
F95 Cert Speedometer
F96 Oil/Temp Gauge

G01 Elect Heat - Rr Wdo
G11 Tinted Glass - All
G12 Tinted Glass - Side
G15 Tinted W/Shield
G21 Clear Glass w/AC
G25 Man/Vent Wing
G41 Prismatic Rr View Mir
G44 Sun Visor Mir - Illum
G51 Lt O/S Mir M/Chrome
G52 Lt O/S Mir R/Chrm - Conv
G54 Lt O/S Mir R/Chrm - Rac
G55 Lt O/S Mir R/Paint - Rac
G62 Rt O/S Mir Chrome - Conv
G63 Rt O/S Mir R/Chrm - Conv
G64 Rt O/S Mir M/Chrm - Rac
G66 Rt O/S Mir R/Chrm - Rac
G67 Rt O/S Mir R/Paint - Rac
G73 Dual Mirs R/Chrm - Conv
G76 Dual Mirs R/Chrm - Rac
G77 Dual Mirs R/Pnt - Rac

H26 Heater - Cut Off Valve
H31 Rr Wdo Defogger
H41 Heater - With Upper Vent
H51 Air Condtg w/Ft Htr
H53 A/C With A/Temp Control

I04 [on 400-4 Cordoba broadcast sheet = ???]

J01 Driver Training Decal
J06 Radio Wiring Conduit
J11 Glove Box Lock
J15 Cigar Lighter - Inst/Pnl
J17 Radio Supress - L/Radio
J21 Electric Clock
J22 Elect Digital Clock
J25 W/Shield Wipers - 3 Spd
J31 Dual Horns
J41 Pedal Dress Up
J42 Flr Pan Boom Damper
J46 Locking Fuel Fill Cap
J51 Rr Comptment Lock
J52 Hood Rel - Instr Pnl Mtd
J54 Hood Insulation Pad
J55 U/Coat w/Hood Pad
J66 Tr/Brake Controller
J67 Tr/Tow Wiring Harness
J68 Dual Bat Charge Unit
J83 Roof Rr Air Deflector
J91 Insrt/Pnl - Type 1
J92 Insrt/Pnl - Type 2
J93 Insrt/Pnl - Type 3
J94 Insrt/Pnl - Type 4
J95 Insrt/Pnl - Type 5

K1- Stripe - Type 1
K2- Stripe - Type 2
K3- Stripe - Type 3
K4- Stripe - Type 4
K5- Stripe - Type 5
K6- Stripe - Type 6
K7- Stripe - Type 7
K8- Stripe - Type 8
K9- Stripe - Type 9
K-8 Delete - Respect/Stripe

L05 Map/Courtesy Lamp
L07 Court/Lamps - Below/Pnl
L11 Glove Box Lamp
L15 Ash Rec Lamp
L17 Cigar Lighter Lamp
L21 Cargo Cmpt Lamp
L25 Trunk Cmpt Lamp
L31 T/Sig Lite - Hood/Fender
L35 Cornering Lamps
L36 Opera Lamp - B/Pillar
L37 Delete - Opera Lamp
L48 Deactivate Dr/Switch
L55 H/Duty Stop Lamp Sw
L56 Var/Load - T/Sig Flash
L61 Dome Lamp Sw - Rr/Door
L62 A/C H/Pres Cutout Sw
L65 [on 360-2 Royal Monaco Brougham broadcast sheet = 1979 Ignition Sw Lamp Time Delay]
L72 H/Lamp On Buzzer
L73 Elect Fuel Pacer
L74 H/Lamp Sw/Lite - T/Delay
L76 War/Signal - Instr Gages
L77 War/Signal - Washer/Fld
L81 Door Ajar - Ind/Lamp

M05 Door Edge Mldgs
M07 Qtr Window Louvers
M15 Dr/Qtr Upr Frm Mldgs
M18 Delete Mldg Package
M21 Drip Trough Mldgs
M25 Sill Mldg
M26 Wheel Lip Mldgs
M31 Belt Mldgs - Dr/Qtr
M33 Body Side Mldgs
M38 Deck Orn/Treatment
M43 Grille Trim Mldgs
M45 W/Hse Opng Skirt
M51 Sun Roof - Power
M52 Sun Roof - Manual
M55 T Bar Roof
M71 Ft Bumper - Nerf Strip
M73 Rr Bumper - Nerf Strip
M75 Bumper N/Strips Ft/Rr
M81 Ft Bumper Guards
M82 Rr Bumper Step Pads
M83 Rr Bumper Guards
M84 [on 440-4 New Yorker Brougham broadcast sheet = ???]
M85 Bumper Guards Ft/Rr
M86 Wagon Opt/Orn Package
M91 Luggage Rack
M95 Assist Handles

N21 Air Pump
N25 Engine Block Heater
N37 Catalytic Exh/System
N38 Non/Catalytic Exh/Sys
N41 Dual Exhaust
N42 Bright Exhaust Tip
N51 Max Cooling
N55 Catalytic Lwr H/Shield
N75 Auxiliary Oil Cooler
N77 Aux Vacuum Reservoir
N81 Fast Idle Control
N85 Tachometer
N88 Auto Speed Control
N92 ESA w/o Catalyst
N93 Emissions Export Pkg
N94 ESA w/Catalyst
N95 Emiss/Test and Label
N96 Hi Alt Emiss Cont Pkg
N97 Noise Reduction Pkg

P21 Pwr Bench Seat
P25 Pwr Seat - Left
P28 Pwr Seats - Left/Right
P31 Pwr Windows
P35 Pwr T/Gate Wdo
P41 Pwr Door Locks
P44 Auto/Lock - T/Gate
P45 Pwr Deck Lid Rel - Elect
P51 Auto/Park Brake Rel

R11 Radio - AM 2 Watt
R13 Radio - AM 4 Watt
R21 Radio - AM-FM
R22 Radio - AM w/8 Trk Ster
R31 Single Rr Seat Speaker
R32 Dual Rr Seat Speakers
R35 Radio AM-FM-MX
R37 Radio AM-FM-MX - Stereo
R38 Radio AM-FM-MX - Search
R45 O/Size Manual Antenna
R48 Pwr Antenna

S01 Std 1" Frt Shocks
S02 HD 1" Frt Shocks
S12 Normal Susp - Ft/Rr ISO
S13 HD Susp - Ft S/B - F/R ISO
S16 HD/S - Ft S/B - Ft ISO
S23 Monroe - 1 3/16 - 1 3/8
S24 Monroe - Class V Shks
S25 HD 1" Shocks
S31 Std 1" Rr Shocks
S32 HD 1" Rr Shocks
S34 Rear Air Shocks
S41 Rear Sway Bar
S42 Front Sway Bar
S52 Load-Carrying Hitch
S53 Load-Dist Plat Hitch
S54 Auto Height Control
S61 Tilt/Tel Strg Col
S62 Tilt Strg Col
S75 Police Pwr Strg
S76 Type II Stg Whl - 3 Spoke
S77 Pwr Steering
S78 Man Steering
S79 Part/Horn Ring Stg Whl
S81 Tilt Stg Whl - Leather
S82 Str Whl - Tilt - Tilt/Tel
S84 Tough Sports-Stg Whl
S85 Base Stg Whl
S86 [on 360-2 Royal Monaco Brougham broadcast sheet = 1979 Steering Wh - 2 Spoke Type 1]
S88 Type 1 Stg Whl - 2 Spoke

T11 6.95 x 14 BSW Polyester
T12 6.95 x 14 WSW Polyester
T21 ER78 x 14 BSW F/Belt Rad
T22 ER78 x 14 WSW F/Belt Rad
T23 E78 x 14 BSW Polyester
T24 E78 x 14 WSW Polyester
T25 E78 x 14 BSW F/Belt Rad
T26 E78 x 14 WSW Fiberglas
T27 ER78 x 14 WSW S/Belt Rad
T28 ER78 x 14 BSW S/Belt Rad
T31 FR78 x 14 BSW F/Belt Rad
T32 FR78 x 14 WSW F/Belt Rad
T34 F78 x 14 WSW Fiberglas
T35 F78 x 14 BSW Fiberglas
T36 FR78 x 14 WSW S/Belt Rad
T47 GR78 x 14 WSW S/Belt Rad
T61 D78 x 14 BSW Polyester
T62 D78 x 14 WSW Polyester
T63 D78 x 14 BSW Fiberglas
T64 D78 x 14 WSW Fiberglas
T65 DR78 x 14 WSW S/Belt Rad
T66 DR78 x 14 BSW F/Belt Rad
T67 DR78 x 14 WSW F/Belt Rad
T75 ER70 x 14 BSW F/Belt Rad
T76 E70 x 14 RWL Fiberglas
T99 Spl Order - 14" Tires

U11 FR78 x 15 BSW S/Belt Rad
U12 FR78 x 15 WSW S/Belt Rad
U17 F78 x 15 BSW Fiberglas
U18 F78 x 15 WSW Fiberglas
U21 GR70 x 15 BSW F/Belt Rad
U22 GR70 x 15 RWL S/Belt Rad
U23 GR78 x 15 WSW S/Belt Rad
U24 G78 x 15 WSW Fiberglas
U25 GR78 x 15 BSW S/Belt Rad
U26 G70 x 15 RWL Polyglas
U27 GR78 x 15 BSW F/Belt Rad
U28 G78 x 15 BSW Fiberglas
U29 GR78 x 15 WSW F/Belt Rad
U31 HR78 x 15 BSW F/Belt Rad
U32 HR78 x 15 WSW S/Belt Rad [cfr. U34]
U33 HR70 x 15 BSW F/Belt Rad
U34 HR78 x 15 WSW S/Belt Rad [cfr. U32]
U35 H78 x 15 BSW Fiberglas
U36 H78 x 15 WSW Fiberglas
U37 HR78 x 15 WSW F/Belt Rad
U38 HR78 x 15 BSW S/Belt Rad
U39 GR70 x 15 RWL Aramid B/Rad
U46 JR78 x 15 WSW S/Belt Rad
U53 215 x 15 WSW S/Belt Rad
U61 L78 x 15 BSW Fiberglas
U62 L78 x 15 WSW Fiberglas
U66 LR78 x 15 BSW S/Belt Rad
U68 LR78 x 15 WSW S/Belt Rad
U71 ER78 x 15 BSW S/Belt Rad
U72 ER78 x 15 BSW S/Belt Rad
U99 Spl Order - 15" Tires

V02 Spl/Ord Paint - w/Mldgs
V08 Pnt/Trim - Edit Waiver
V09 Spl Order Paint
V3- Landau Vinyl Roof
V4- Canopy Vinyl Roof
V5- V/Roof With Opera Wdo
V6- Padded Landau V/Roof

W01 Hub Caps
W06 Collapsible Spare Tire
W07 Delete Spare Tire
W08 Conventional S/Tire
W11 Class I Wheel Covers
W13 Class II Wheel Covers
W15 Class III Wheel Covers
W21 Styled Rd/Whl Class I
W22 Rallye Whl - Less T/Ring
W23 Sytled Rd/Whl Class II
W24 Styled Rd/Whl Class III
W35 Std BSW Tires MSR
W36 Std WSW Tires MSR
W55 Body Color-Road Wheels
W84 14 x 4.5 Blk Road Wheel
W85 14 x 5.0 Blk Road Wheel
W86 14 x 5.5 Blk Road Wheel
W87 14 x 6.0 JJ Blk Road Whl
W93 15 x 5.5 Blk Road Wheel
W95 15 x 6.5 Blk Road Wheel
W96 15 x 6.5 HD Blk Road Whl

X21 Kilo Speedometer
X25 Lt Way Shift Headlamps
X54 Raditor Splash Guard

Y11 Domestic Publications
Y14 Sold Car
Y16 Sales Bank
Y17 Corp Lease Car System
Y21 Spl Hdr And Tag Instruct
Y22 Corp Lease Car - Exec
Y23 State Code Edit Waiver
Y37 Conversion Center
Y39 Special Order
Y82 Export NCS By Dealer
Y83 New Car Service
Y85 New Car Service - No Gas
Y86 Contracted NCS - LA
Y87 Contracted NCS - CH
Y88 Delete Pre-Del Service
Y89 New Car Pre-Serv - Windsor
Y91 Show Car Fin - A Less Gas
Y93 Show Car Fin - B Less Gas
Y94 Special Exhibit Unit
Y95 5 Gallons Of Gas
Y96 10 Gallons Of Gas
Y97 Three Gallons Of Gas

Z23 Spl Eq Weight - Minus 320
Z24 Spl Eq Weight - Minus 160
Z25 Spl Eq Weight - Minus 80
Z26 Spl Eq Weight - Minus 40
Z27 Spl Eq Weight - Minus 20
Z28 Spl Eq Weight - Minus 10
Z29 Spl Eq Weight - Minus 5
Z30 Spl Eq Weight - Net Eff 0
Z31 Spl Eq Weight - Plus 5
Z32 Spl Eq Weight - Plus 10
Z33 Spl Eq Weight - Plus 20
Z34 Spl Eq Weight - Plus 40
Z35 Spl Eq Weight - Plus 80
Z36 Spl Eq Weight - Plus 160
Z37 Spl Eq Weight - Plus 320

1) Abbreviations in the explanations are not resolved.
2) Typos in the explanations have not been corrected.
3) Upper case has generally been substituted with lower case.
4) Dashes have been put between spaces when they are not part of composite terms, eg. "Sun Roof - Power" as opposed to "Load-Carrying Hitch".
5) Some sales codes found on 1977 broadcast sheets are missing from the printed list on the back side. They have been added, if possible with an explanation from a 1979 sales codes list.
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I have it on the back of my broadcast sheet for the '77 'Doba.

BS 5.jpg
In many cases, the back side of the build sheets, especially the "color" ones, have this information on them. Only works for the particular model year, mostly, bur some might carry through to adjacent model years.

There will still be some printed numbers on the build sheet (as in right and left hand rear springs) that will not show up in the "sales code" list. In those cases, the numbers ID the particular parts/assemblies which comprise the sales code items, for the particular vehicle itself. As in there the sales code would work for all carlines, but the individual carline items would be different (as in the torsion bars for a Plymouth sedan not fitting a Chrysler, sedan, with the same suspension option).

Many vehicle order guides can be found at www.hamtramck-historical.com, which would have the sales codes and such in them, plus trim options and codes.

My comments are from my own experiences and observations.
Your points of disagreement? Just curious.

When I first discovered the build sheets with the option/sales codes on the back of them, I was glad to see them. Readily-identifiable with the greater use of color on the front side, compared to the more minimal use of color of the earlier versions, IF any color at all . . . all generally model-year based.

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In many cases, the back side of the build sheets, especially the "color" ones, have this information on them.

For 1978 there should also be a code list on the back of every broadcast sheet, so you just need to have one at hand.

For the years before 1977 I have never seen a picture of the back side, so I suppose there's nothing worth showing there. Those broadcast sheets have a different format with only very few codes directly explained in the sheet itself.

Many vehicle order guides can be found at www.hamtramck-historical.com, which would have the sales codes and such in them, plus trim options and codes.

The Dealership Data Books show sales codes from 1974 on, but only for optional items that could be ordered individually. For standard equipment and items only offered in a package you will find no sales codes.
Still around. Wow. I wonder how many years it's been since it was last updated.

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