SOLD 65' 300 and 72' newport

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May 27, 2022
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Sacramento CA
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Ill start with the 1965 chrysler 300. 383 dual exhaust edlebrock intake with four barrel carb. Ive had this car since I was 19 and have been everywhere from long beach to humbolt with her. I was working at a shop where I could store it two years ago and started in on it with the engine and engine bay all the gaskets and seals on the engine replaced along with ball joints, tie rods, brakes,shocks u joints along with many other parts( only finished suspension on one side of the car). Since then, its been sitting on the side of my house with the elements beating on it. Fires right up and idles smooth. The master cylinder failed and currently has no brakes. $427 in back fees. Ive been trying desperately to save it from the junkyard as it has alot of sentimental value to me but my life is suffering as a result of having all these cars. I just need them to go. I have all the chrome for both cars in the trunk and interior door panels/ hood for the 300, hinges are damaged. The newport is in great running shape I just drove it 60 miles yesterday with a ton of parts replaced. 400 motor with four barrel carb dual exhaust comes with the original intake and carb along with a spare set of tail lights. No cancer on either of these cars. $1200 for the 300 and $3500 for the newport. $4000 for both. Will post the link to the craigslist ad I have up for the newport .









Sorry you have to get rid of your cars.
What happened with the gray and black paint on the pass side of the Newport? Any bondo there?
No bondo. The last owner sprayed random patches of primer like he was trying to keep some surface rust from spreading maybe? He also took all the chrome off like he was getting ready to paint. Not sure what was going through his head, I never asked.
Damn! If only you were closer to us..... I'm watching you closely. Can't promise anything. The wife has the $$....
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