67-68 Fury wagon tailgate


Nov 13, 2021
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Tiverton, Rhode Island
A couple of years ago I bought a nice solid 68 tailgate for my wife's 67 Fury wagon. The one on her car is in pretty bad shape. The last couple of weeks I decided to strip it down and get it ready for bodywork and paint. Quite a few frozen bolt etc. One thing that I didn't notice was the 68 tailgate has the optional washer and wiper. I've never seen this. I'm hoping to keep it and adapt it to work. One issue is the washer reservoir. Being 50+ yo plastic it just wants to crumble. I can come up with something to replace it. There are 2 wipers facing opposite directions. I actually thought someone dropped them in by accident until I saw the whole assembly. Does anyone here have this option on their wagon?
yes my 68 monaco wagon has that option but is not working now. several years ago i had a 68 fury sport suburban with the same option that did work. nice to have when you live on a dirt road.