Barn find 1969 Chrysler Newport Convertible Woody.

Howdy Congratulations on the find, love the woodgrain. Here is just a thought for next time, bring four rims/tires a big hammer and pry bar (to get the stuck drums off). Also miscellaneous tools, BP blaster two jacks and a big piece of flat wood, to put under the jacks.
Reminds me of my 69 Newport Sportgrain I dragged home. Someone had removed all the sport grain and trim unfortunately. Spring Special car oroginally.
69 NEWPORT.jpg
The guys in the youtube video are trying to cash in on the viral "Will it run & drive" tiktok/youtube videos that seem to be popping up everywhere. These guys abviously are amateurs at best as there were a lot simpler methods to getting the car out. Its all about the clicks not the restoration in my opinion. I doubt very much they were even awware of the significance of that car beyond the "Barn Find" aspect.