Belt moulding trim clips


Jan 16, 2020
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Pittsburg, Tx, USA
73 Newport, got into a parking lot "boo boo" that left a crease in the passenger side rear door and pealed off the belt line trim.

I'm pretty sure I can massage out the dent & repaint it to hide the damage (textured bed liner paint), the only problem is locating the plastic retention clips for the trim moulding. They measure approximately 1.25" x 1.5", and are held on by what looks like rivets.



Any help in directing me to a vendor to acquire these pieces would be greatly appreciated. I have spent countless hours across numerous days (since before Christmas) in googling this. The dizzying array of assortments is mind boggling And after a few hours, my head hurts and my eyes start crossing. I doubt I am the only one who has faced this issue, so I am hoping someone here has endured and solved this, and is willing to share with me (& others) of where to go for these "special" parts.
There will be a part number molded into the clip.

Google the number. If something comes up, you've got a chance that you can buy what you need.

If nothing comes up, you're basically out of luck. Then you'll have to make your own, or just glue the trim to the car. Sometimes you can find universal trim clips that will work, but they will require drilling holes in the door and installing nuts from the inside.

I did as suggested, punched in the # on Google & conjured up an eBay listing for a "Lot of 8" for $29.99 (+ shipping). Pics show the exact part I'm wanting/needing, only cleaner and not yellowed or cracked with age.

So I sent the seller an offer of $25. Let's see if they bite. If not, I'll pony up the bucks and pay it, not like I have options at this point. But I gotta at least try to haggle.

Other than that one listing, I got nuttin'.
My offer was accepted & purchased. Tracking # shows it less than 100 miles away with an anticipated delivery of Thursday, maybe sooner.

Time to pull the door skin off and hammer out that dent. Then I'll buy some more bed liner paint to cover the boo-boo.

But the paint purchase will have to wait until next week. We're all on a 5 day quarantine here thanks to a visitor Saturday who was hospitalized Sunday night for Omicron Coronavirus. We've been "exposed" & must wait to see if we present any symptoms. All of us have received our vaccines (& boosters) + we're all taking our vitamins & immune boosters. I've already had a bout back in the spring of 2020, a mild case that left me with lingering complications to my asthma & snoring. Time will tell, but I'll make the best of it. Gives me time to wrench on my ride.