C-body hood latch springs - beware what's being sold


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Aug 21, 2022
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Ontario, Canada
Last year I orderd (from ebay) a few things from a vendor that claimed the usual, that their parts are the same size / shape as original (for C-body and other mopars). Battery hold-down rods, sun visor rubber nibs, license plate screws - and a hood spring (mine had gone awol at some point in the past). This is for '67 Monaco.

Recently, when I dug up some old parts I stripped off a '67 4-door Monaco back in the late 1980's, one of them was the cross-bar with all parts intact (bumpers, latch, and spring). So here's a photo comparison of what I bought of ebay vs what's on the intact original crossbar:


2 3/8 inches tall (repro) vs 1 3/4 inches (original). Original has more conical shape also. I guess I could clean up the old one and use it, or - does anyone actually sell a correct spring today?
Different bodies different springs. 73 Plymouth Road runner here in shop has a 3.5" original spring.
It looks like Detroit Muscle Technologies has the correct spring:

And interestingly it seems that 67 - 68 was a transition, and what I bought was for '68 ? I think the extra compression height is not correct, it doesn't feel right.