SOLD CARTER AFB 4bbl. Carburetors. 40+ Year Collection. All Years & Engines.

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Nov 14, 2015
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Rancho Cordova, CA.
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I am putting up my collection of Carter AFB 4 barrel carburetors that i have had for the past 40 + years, when going wrecking yarding during the later 1970's and early 1980's, at the U-Pull-It wrecking yards, out here in Northern Commiefornia.

I was a professional auto mechanic earning my living, when i discharged out of the Air Force.
All these carburetors were taken apart, soaked out, and put back together.
But have been in storage for all these years.
I am selling them "AS IS" condition, what you see in the pictures is what you will be getting.
Use them as is, you don't have anything to loose by trying, or at your determination after that, open them up and purchase yourself a rebuilding kit.

I will sell any one of them to you at $65.00 each.
Take your pick.
I can get them in a USPS, large, flat rate box, at $25.00 bucks to mail them out to you at your zip code, so that's going to be the mailing fee.
Payment, i do Pay Pal, or a postal money order.

Ok, here's what i have.

1. 2642S K7 1958 350 C.I.D.
2. 2991S J9 1960 Poly 318 Auto. I have 2 of these.
3. 3134S B1 1961 413 Chrysler imperial, New Yorker.
4. 3256SA BD3 1962 Chrysler 413 Auto. But this one is missing some internal parts.
5. 3856S J4 1965 361-383 Auto.
6. 4133S M5 1966 383 Auto.
7. 4200S C8 1966 Universal Replacement. Big Block Engines.
8. 4318S A6 1966 383 Auto. Calif.

Any questions, do it with a pm, here on this forum, and i will get right back with you.

Thank's lot.
Jim V.

CARTER AFB's Jan. 2024 005 (Small).JPG

CARTER AFB's Jan. 2024 006 (Small).JPG

CARTER AFB's Jan. 2024 007 (Small).JPG

CARTER AFB's Jan. 2024 008 (Small).JPG

CARTER AFB's Jan. 2024 009 (Small).JPG
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