NOT MINE Chrysler 1964 coupé 2 DR Canadian $24500


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Dec 21, 2018
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Car looks like new, but restored, can't paste pics for some reason


1964 Chrysler Windsor model, 2-door coupe (hardtop), 361 cu. in. engine (big block), power brakes, power steering, push-button automatic, with only 53116 miles.
The car has never been driven in winter since its purchase and has always been stored in a garage or with a cover outside. The car is original apart from some mechanical improvements and the paint was refreshed in 2006.
The car is reliable and in perfect condition. It runs like new and I'm asking $24,500 because I invested several thousand dollars in it (supporting invoices) in the following way:
. Aesthetics ($7400): new interior and exterior mirrors and antenna / wire wheels with 15" Toyo whitewall tires / dual exhaust / chrome parts in engine compartment / professional restoration of the rectangular steering wheel
. Braking system ($1300): refurbishment of all front and rear wheel components and replacement of functional handbrake cables
. Suspension ($900): refurbishment of front and rear suspensions
. Steering ($900): replacement of all rubberized wear parts and all linkage (steering linkage)
. Differential ($400): disassembly, cleaning and oil change / replacement of oil seals and roller bearings on both axles
. Driveshaft $1000: replacement of the driveshaft with a complete new one with its 2 universal joints
. Engine compartment ($1500): new parts installed such as belts. hoses, mounting collars, seals, valve covers and oil pan, carburetor and calibration kit, voltage regulator, window washer pump and its tubing, thermal insulation under the hood, all parts ignition, fuel pump and filter, transmission oil sensor
. New parts to install ($1300): complete set of all rubber seals for the body, windows and 2 doors for driver and passenger side (the one in the trunk is new)
. Spare parts ($2000): including, among other things, 7 original hubcaps, 1 reconditioned starter, 2 new front brake drums, a new filter and fuel pump, 1 alternator pulley, etc.
Finally for those interested, I have the 1964 Chrysler Service Manual (2 3" binders) and the 1964 Chrysler Dodge Plymouth Imperial Parts Manual (2 3" binders). I also have specific tools for this vehicle.