Complete set of Road Wheels

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But they all look the same. ;)


well CM, you do have a very valid point. once you've seen one, you've seen em all...not many options.. But, when somebody says the words, 300 Hurst, you know right what they talkin about....Its a bad mutha....shut yo mouth.....
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Well, the state of detoriation after 43 years is what's most interesting.;)
And if it's a console or column shift.
There hasn't been one person in the world to step up to the plate and bring one back to a #1 car.
What does that tell you?
There hasn't been one person in the world to step up to the plate and bring one back to a #1 car. What does that tell you?

Typical C-body buyers. :shruggy:
However the owner of one such car in Austria seems to go through some rather big efforts as far as I've heard.
Besides the money involved, I never found it desirable to do a car "from scratch" , I'm interested in a rather unaltered good condition that shows to what standards factory production was done. If you try to duplicate that to the degree the Hurst arrived at the dealership you're in for more than one WTF-moment if you show it. :)
Always stuck to the saying : If it ain*t broke, don't fix it. But if you fix it fix it right.
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The point I'm trying to make is that car has not stirred up the passion in at least one person to say "I don't care about the money. I love these cars ".
I hear you. Just doesn't catch on with the serious collector crowd who could afford this, which makes it even harder as there's no market for resto parts. There is no real interest in Full Size Supercars after the youth market shifted to intermediate muscle cars. What do 427/454 Full Size Chevrolets fetch ? Maybe a bit better but I think even they are of minor interst.
there have been a couple of SFGTs which fetched good money.
There was a blue SFGT v-code which sold for six figures back in 2006. It was running&driving but far from perfect. It currently gets a nut and bolt resto
Carsten, you keep track on this stuff better than anybody.
What really is out there of the known SFGT's?
Or is that a tightly held insider secret?
It is difficult.
There are some guys who have more numbers but it seems like they keep them quiet.
If it comes down to v-codes I know of 11 or 12 cars.
Don't have a certain number on the t-code 440 cars but I would say roughly around 50-70 are out there including a huge amount of basket cases
Think I read a guestimate for V-codes of about 65 cars produced I think, don't remember the source, no idea how much truth lies in it however. This would make a rather good survival rate.
Except for the hokey hood pins it's about as close to perfection as it can get for me.
Dan's black project car comes without these pins. Maybe it's still for sale ?
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