Crank no start 1972 440


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Dec 26, 2021
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Gurnee, IL
I have gotten to the point on my Imperial where I have gotten the engine back together where it is complete and ready to fire.

What has been done is I reinstalled the valley pan, intake manifold and carburetor. It has an NOS Holley choke, a rebuilt 4160, NOS spark plug wires and NOS distributor cap.

The engine will crank and crank but the car will not start. I have ensured the ECU is good, that the coil is good and the spark plugs are getting spark. I get nothing when I put gas down the carburetor.

It has been too inclement to work under the car so I have not been able to check for compression readings.
Did you have the distributor out? Lot's of guys put them back 180 degrees out.
Distributor is where it was when the car last drove. I have not touched it except to verify the internals were good and to change the cap.
Off hand, I’m guessing it’s flooded. Gonna have to check the plugs to see what’s happening.
I had a 383 long ago that did this. In retrospect I believe it was flooded. I never did get it started, but I was young and dumb. It wouldn’t hit a lick, backfire, try to run or anything.
That may be possible, but there were no plug wires on the engine when I bought the car except for #7.
I think I would verify firing order, I dont remember off the top of my head, and position on cap. The left side of motor, cylinder front to back is #1,3,5,7. Right side even#. Locate #1 on the cap and position each wire in order.
1-8-4-3-6-5-7-2 going counterclockwise with 1 about the 5 o’clock position.
See if this helps.

That may be possible, but there were no plug wires on the engine when I bought the car except for #7.
Check for #1 TDC on the compression stroke. It has to be on the compression stroke.

If you had no wires, you wouldn't know what is truly #1.