Filler pipe to gas tank O ring leak.

Rusty Muffler

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Feb 11, 2011
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Petaluma, Ca.
Anyone know where I can buy the rubber o ring that isn't $30.!!? I don't mind spending more because this is an 57 Plymouth Belvedere, but "come on Man" I don't like feeling like I'm being ripped off!
In an earlier post I mentioned that when I removed the gas tank cap I'd hear a whish of air and figured the cap wasn't venting. I fixed that. Now, for the first time I filled the tank all the way up and over filled it a little by accident. I drove it a few miles and parked it in the garage for several days always smelling for gas. No smell. I figured I was done and everything was good. I needed to jack the car up in the rear to install seat belts. I smell gas and it was seeping from where that o ring seal is. How can it have air pressure in it before but leak gas at that seal now?

Fyi, although I didn't replace the o ring when installing the tank because it looked perfectly good and pliable. I greased it up before installing it. Go figure.