Happy 245th Birthday!


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May 16, 2018
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Centerville, South Dakota
USS Hepburn FF1055 1985-89, 2 West-pacs, 92 days patrolling and escorting in the Persian gulf, and the Gulf of Oman.
And I really do not remember how many beers. Put some miles on that old tin can while she was my home for 4 years.
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While I never served, I spent over 35 years in my career developing equipment and conducting flight test. My fondest memories are when I worked at Point Miguel on the F14 A and Ds weapons systems. Additionally, I assisted in the development of the Next Generation Jammer, in flying a prototype antenna on a testbed, which had an impact on the winning contractor for the initial integration onto the EA-18G Growlers.
My Dad served on the Bonnie Dick during the Korean War. My Uncle was a WSO & RIO in F-4Js and F-14As. Sadly, my other uncle died during PT while in the reserves.
I served almost 7 years total (6 year enlistment plus two extensions, one to qualify for an accompanied overseas tour, and one to get into base housing). My two primary duty stations after a year of training were NAS Jacksonville, Florida, and the USS Canopus, AS 34, homeported in Rota, Spain and then Charleston, SC.

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