Life Update - Resume Work on the ‘68

Isaiah Estrada

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Jan 20, 2020
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Santa Maria, CA
Hey all! I know it’s been a long time since I’ve posted ANY updates on the ‘68. It’s been a rough past couple months. Life hit me like a train and wouldn’t let me get back up! I’d been having to work a lot and that kept me away from turning any wrenches on the New Yorker for quite some time.

Unfortunately in early December, I was in a car accident that ended up totaling my truck and the insurance deeming it a total loss. I had a 2006 Chevy Silverado single cab truck. Was a good rig and DEFINITELY a must have for me. I drove it around 50 miles every day round trip for work and add another 30 miles daily when I could make it to work on the New Yorker. It was devastating for me because I also really love GM trucks! When it comes to any “new” cars I prefer GMs and I definitely can’t drive anything but a truck. (I know I know this is a Mopar group.) if you know me well you know I not only love classic Mopars but also classic full size GM cars too. After having to look for a truck I completely stopped buying anything for the New Yorker in hopes of getting enough for a good down payment on a newer Silverado.

Just recently I finally got the truck of my dreams! A 2016 single cab short bed Silverado, with the luxury (LT) package and the powerful 5.3 V8. A great truck and powerful enough to trailer home more C Bodies


My friend and I moved the New Yorker onto some moving dollies and rolled it into a covered car port where we can begin the MUCH NEEDED metal / bodywork. We have to replace metal around the front and rear windshields.


After that, we’ll strip the paint and then straighten out the body! It’s already pretty straight so this will just be a fine tuning and getting all the tiny dings and dents out before paint. That’s basically what’s been holding me back from dropping that 440 in too because we can’t paint the firewall correctly when the 440 is in. After that it’s basically just putting it back together, getting the interior upholstered and installing a sick stereo system! Hidden of course… don’t want to ruin the looks of the beautiful dashboard.

Oh also too… found this AWESOME 8 track player for the interior


All in all, it’s been a little hectic but now after I found a new truck and I’ve got some free time ahead of me, I’m REALLY looking forward to putting in all the work I can so that this car is READY by May for the West Coast Kustoms Cruisin’ Nationals!

Sorry for the absence, but I really hope soon I’ll be able to get this baby running and share the moment it does with you all! Much love to all my c body brothers and sisters
You're amongst friends, carnal! I've got 3 late model GM trucks in our family's fleet. Glad to hear you're OK from the wreck. I'd be absolutely crushed if my 06 Duramax was totaled.

These cars are a marathon, not a sprint. Life always come first (I've been doing my front suspension for a couple months). Keep plugging away and keep us posted!
Glad that you are ok.
Enjoy the GM products. I received a $hit taste in my mouth from a 95 Suburban radio and the Diesel engine that didn’t have the cylinder head cooling passages designed properly.
I will never own another.
Regarding your Chrysler, get on it!