Looking for the name of a part, and for the part itself! (74 Fury)

H41 Strato-Ventilation was standard, whereas H51 and H53 were optional features. Going by the 1974 Operator's Manual, the handle for the four-speed blower is the same on H41 and H51, so maybe the blower itself also?

As there are no plugs going with Seb's H41 installation, international specs do make a difference here.
Unless it was modified...which is likely given:
1) the age;
2) location in Europe where modifications often get done due to scarcity of parts;
3) the fact that his system is missing parts and has likely been messed with already.

You are correct the blower motor is the same for H41, H51, H53.
On your side of the ocean police cars and Canada spec cars are the most likely candidates for H41 installations. Maybe their configuration could offer a clue.

Here are some pictures of the 1975 export Gran Fury with H41:


Hey, presto: Plugs!

The rebuild process:



Thanks gentlemen for all your replies, I've learned a lot about vent systems. But I still don't have my answer...
Anyway, for those who drive a similar car (Peugfra and Mr. C), please can you take a pic under your dashboard, on the right, and show me what is hidden there. That'll be very helpful dor me. Many thanks !
Alas, the pictures do not show my car, but one I was prospecting to buy some years ago. I have an H51 installation on mine.

Maybe owners of 1974 Fury police cars can help.
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