For Sale Low Milage 76 Newport Coupe (TRADES) (Surrey)

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    Mar 10, 2011
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    Low Milage Coupe (TRADES)

    1976 Newport, 69,XXX Original miles, 2 owner, Interior near perfect, 400 BB runs so smooth, New pads, Calipers, Alt, Oil, Diff fluid, Coolant, Plugs, Wires, New Whitewalls with +/-10,000KM on them, Lean Burn Delete, true duals with new mufflers in trunk, has manual brakes right now, could use rust repair (Usual C-body 1/4 Panel Rust),

    Is my current daily, so looking for trades, Cheap 4x4, anything diesel, just wanting another cool ride, cleaned this one up a bit as much as much as possible ATM. Please EMAIL: Antonisbob@gmail

    Edit; A/C recharge too, blows cold in summer.

    Edit #2; $500 worth of whitewalls and hubcaps, had to pay $40 a peice to replace some.
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