SOLD Mopar Air Cleaners. Inline Dual 4bbl. Long & Short Ram. 58-64 Cars.

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Nov 14, 2015
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Rancho Cordova, CA.
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I am putting my vintage OEM factory, Mopar, Chrysler, Dodge, Plymouth, air cleaners up for sale.

The oval ones are for the 58-62 cars that are equipped with the 350, 361, 383, 413, Dual 4bbl. inline, intake manifolds.
At one time in their life, the base on one of these air cleaners had a breather tube installed onto it, when i suspect the car had to go thru California smog inspection.
That area has been repaired, and you will never know, see it, once the base is all painted up.
Just making sure, letting you know about that, in my description, leaving nothing out.

The round ones are for the 59-64 cars that are equipped with the 361, 383 413, "Long Ram" and "Short Ram" (Crossram) (Sonoramic) Intake manifolds.
The Chrysler letter series cars, and lots of the high performance Dodge, and Plymouth cars with the tube style, Sonoramic, intake manifolds.

These are the real deal, OEM, original air cleaners, from back in the day, and not, repoped ones.
I also have OEM air filter elements for them, that go along with the housings, which are obsolete, and very expensive to buy, if you can find any in this day and age.

$850.00 a pair, for each set of air cleaners.
That's the price. No "trades" or low ball offers, on these parts.

Payment for these parts, will be the good old fashioned way, with a postal money order, cashiers check from your bank, or a wire transfer of funds from your bank, to my bank.

If an in person pick up, a whole mess of 100 dollar bills, Cash, American money, will work just fine.

I will mail them out in a USPS priority mail box(s) or FEDEX, with insurance, and a signature delivery, when your mailman, rings the doorbell.
The oval ones don't fit in priority boxes, as i found out, when i sold a previous pair.

Any questions, please send me a pm thru this forum.
But as as a seller, all that i ask is you be a serious "buyer" for these parts of mine.
I no longer have an attention span in going back and forth in e mails, in my old age.

Thank's a lot.
Jim V.

Air Cleaners Inline-Ram Tube 001 (Small).JPG

Air Cleaners Inline-Ram Tube 002 (Small) (Small).JPG

Air Cleaners Inline-Ram Tube 009 (Small).JPG

Air Cleaners Inline-Ram Tube 010 (Small).JPG

Air Cleaners Inline-Ram Tube 012 (Small).JPG

Air Cleaners Inline-Ram Tube 013 (Small) (2).JPG

Air Cleaners Inline-Ram Tube 006 (Small).JPG

Air Cleaners Inline-Ram Tube 007 (Small) (2).JPG

Air Cleaners Inline-Ram Tube 008 (Small).JPG

Air Cleaners Inline-Ram Tube 004 (Small).JPG
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