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Two of the cars in the previous post are among the most spectacular survivors I've ever seen including all those at Carlisle. They are like new throughout with all original paint and interiors and incredibly low mileage and pictures do not do them justice. The red '64 Coronet still belongs to the original owner who special ordered it from a dealer as a teenager. He wasn't a spoiled rich kid & made payments for years. It is a factory 426 street wedge. I first saw the blue '52 Plymouth Cranbook when I worked at a gas station 40 years ago. It was owned by a fellow employee. It now has a different owner who has lovingly maintained it in the same condition. The little flathead 6 runs like a Swiss watch.

A few more local pics-
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I know some like the tags and there's another thread but I don't know if posting random tags is cool there so here they are. (I know 1 ain't a C-Body but has the added tags)

1965 Plymouth Sport Fury Convertible, 383 Commando 4 BBL V8 330 HP.png

1989 Plymouth Gran Fury Police package $5,800 Chula Vista CA.003.jpg

1989 Plymouth Gran Fury Police package $5,800 Chula Vista CA.002.jpg

1989 Plymouth Gran Fury Police package $5,800 Chula Vista CA.001.jpg

This is interesting...

1966 Plymouth Fury Coupe VIP - $14,900 (Peabody).008.jpg

2% sales tax in Florida in 1966. Where I was at in 1966 there was no sales tax.

I wonder what the "SETTLEMENT Disc." of 751.20 was for?

At $4,552.94 is a pretty pricey car for 1966.