My new to me 73 Monaco

years ago I could call up Chrysler parts in Detroit and talk to this guy who was able to give me info on parts that was usually just for the parts manager.

One day he called me and said that the microphone was going to be cancelled. I ordered a bunch and the bin on the part when it came to the local dealer

was "Lo Dummy". Well all of the other bins I ever saw were long alpha-numeric numbers. So this one was really an oddball.....
It’s coming along.



Engine is stock bottom end, Eddy E Street 72 cc heads, Lunatii 701 cam, lifter, timing chain, Eddy Performer intake, MP water pump. It's a Firm Feel Stage 2 steering box. I have the Firm Feel tubular upper control arms. lower control arm braces and all the front end parts that I got from Craig off of here ready to go on. The radiator was shot and the shop wanted 800.00 to recore it so an aluminum one will be installed after the cam break in. I'll keep you posted. I've been busy at work and just did a 5 week hitch. That paid for my TTI headers and exhaust. They will go on after the cam break in. It's coming together now...just in time for the snow to fly. Which will be time to do the interior.