For Sale NOS Dealer Nameplates, Keychains and a Tissue Box

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marty mopar

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Nov 12, 2010
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Tempe AZ (hotter than a turd on a frypan)
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Darners was a dealership in Mesa AZ

Dana Brothers was a dealership in Tempe AZ. Around 1970 I started to go there to buy parts
for my 1st car: a 1948 Dodge Club Coupe that I bought for 100.00. One of the parts guys could
remember the part numbers in his head for mechanical stuff. They had all the part books going
back to the 1930s and at some point he gave me the 1946-48 Dodge part book in the Mopar binder.

My 1st part book and still have it. That dealership eventually moved and the buildings abandoned.
Not being a complete idiot I went by there and managed to get more part books they dumped. I now have
all the truck and car part books from 1929-2012 either in paper or on a CD.

The other stuff I picked up at dealerships when I was buying their obsolete parts

The Boleys, and Torrado nameplates are stick-on the Darners has 2 holes for a Philips screw

The Torrado is used but perfect, the others are NOS 25.00 each

The visor tissue box is NOS and probably 1940s or 1950s 50.00 I tried dialing 7 as the phone #
is listed but for some reason it does not work. I will try it the next time I use my time machine.

The keychains are 15.00 each

Shipping extra






Marty, do you have any Bill Luke Key chains? My 79 300 was bought new there. I have the original sales contract and license plate frame but no key chain.
Not to piggyback off of Chris, but I'm also looking for a Town & Country Chrysler keychain. Thats where Betty White was originally purchased. Any old school Phoenicians remember where that one was?
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