Power window repairs do's and NEVER DO's !! Very painful lesson!

I wonder how many assy line workers got their digits cut off.
A lot.

When my late son applied for a job at the Stickley furniture factory (high end furniture), the job was for this machine that trimmed wood edges. As it turned out, one of my ex's step kids talked to him and said every single person he knew (he had worked for Stickley) had lost at least one finger in that machine and there were quite a few. Another family owned business that probably gave an "envelope" to the OSHA inspector.

I've seen a number of close calls... Including one guy that got his finger caught in a punch and die. Never saw anyone loose too much other than a fingertip. Saw a guy get a watch taken off in a lathe once.... Ripped the back of his hand up really bad. Had a girl get her hair caught in a milling machine spindle. She had already been warned about that a couple times. Ripped it out along with a bit of scalp.

Worse non fatal industrial accident I heard of was a guy falling into an acid bath. He was reaching across it and slipped and fell in. On each side of the bath was a rinse tank. One was cool water and one was hot.. about 200*F (IIRC) and he decided to jump from the acid into the rinse. He chose wrong and took the hot water. As they said, "unfortunately he lived". That was at the GE plant in Somersworth, NH where they made watt-hour meters (the ones that go on the side of your house).

There's some fatal ones that I've heard of locally that will curl your hair. I won't go into those...

I do know a few careless people that have lost fingers in snowblowers. They try to clear the chute of snow... Even after stopping the engine, the auger will be still be jammed and between the gearing and engine compression, the auger will give a quick turn after it's freed. If your fingers are in it... It doesn't care... They are getting chopped.

When I used to train guys, I would explain grinders (all types) as being built with one purpose... and that is to kill or maim you... Grinding metal is something it does while it waits for you to drop your guard so it can kill you. If you are around me when I start even a pedestal grinder, I step to the side when I start it... That one time that the wheel blew up on me back in high school was once too many.
I'd bet none.
Last UAW to do an unsafe job was the guy who got hood-slammed by Christine.
So was that in 1958, when the car was built, 1978 when the story takes place, or in teh 80s when the movie was made???