road wheels

I also have another 1978 NYB in the works too. It's RF3 Mint Green Metallic with a 440. I won't know about that one until the car show season starts up in May. He's already told me that he would give me first shot at it.
I don't think so. I bet literally all of them got pulled off first and ended up with new homes.
Yards always yanked the rims, even steelies. Derby guys would have yanked them to sell also. They needed the money.

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Ok if u say so
Oh yea? Let's hear it.

I'm looking at 2 different 1974 NY'er coupes. Both are very nice. Both are black. One has a white interior the other is black interior. The black interior has a 440 the white one has a 400.
I have heard tales of NOS vendors buying thousands of items, going through the score and throwing out all the C body stuff since it wasnt worth anything.

unfortunatly this is really true. I know some vendors who acted like that in the 90s and early 2000s.
I was there....

OH MY GOD YEAH !!!!!!!

I can not believe some of the real fine C-Bodies I saw thrown into the crushers that I had wired up !!!!!

If I only could have had the money and the place to get & store them for 20 years Hmmm :yes_no: