Runnin' my 72 Newport


Feb 9, 2018
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Almonte Ontario Canada
I haven't been driving my Newport enough, one of my few year old calipers started sticking, can't get one through local auto parts store or online, National Moparts can get one because they are awesome for Mopar parts but it's a couple hundred bucks, plenty fair on their part and thank goodness they can supply one

I didn't have a helper one day but on my own I went back and forth prying back and pumping out the piston, it seemed good, but then didn't drive the car for a couple weeks and then it was sticking again, another couple weeks went by and I needed a car to go to a wedding, and busy as heck working on customer cars, my choices were trying to free up a Newport caliper or changing a fuel pump plate gasket on a sbc 350 in a 77 Olds 88, I chose the Newport, mainly because it has whitewalls and its a wedding

I got my daughter to help me work the caliper back and forth and we've put on about 200 miles since, good to be running it

Haven't taken many pics of it lately but here's a couple that the Newport is in