Shaking 360 LA

Okay I am first getting my exhaust in order, I bought some shorty headers and have some work to do to connect them with a 2.5" collector pipe. Currently I have the stock manifolds that go into a 2" pipe and then boogerwelded into 2.5" with a rusted out adaptor. Its a mess. I am going to go 2.5" all the way, from the collector, downpipe and then into the existing piping.

While I have the manifold off, I am going to have a better look at the motormounts and then I just saw that there are some "nibbles" on my sparkplug boots. That probably needs replacing too...
Installed shorty headers and redid the downpipe. Kinda funny on the drivers side I got way close to the floor, on the passenger I tried to leave more clearance and sort of screwed up, its hanging kinda low, should have cut another inch. However, the shake is dramatically better. The sound too but I dont know if I am hearing a leak or if thats what headers sound like lol. All pipes run around 350 to 400°.
Might have found a contributing factor. Motormount dont look so well.

Had a new engine mount laying around and replaced that. Looks like that might have done the trick. Motor seems way more stable now.