Shotgun Adjustments, Now Troubles


Dec 17, 2020
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Well I did some work on it today and I think I got it.

Going off what john had said about the balancer shifting, I just used my dial back timing light as an underhood tach instead of using it to set timing. I took the carb off, reset the primary and secondary blade positions to stock, upped the main jets from 66 to 68 as it was a tad lean when it was on the main circuit.

Once it warmed up and the choke kicked off it wanted to idle at 500 in neutral. Opened the primary and secondary blades by about an 1/8th turn each. That let it idle for me to set the timing, advanced it until it wasn't happy, then retarded it until it wasn't happy, went about 75% back to the advanced position and it felt and sounded happy.

I revved it in neutral and had a bog when revving. Changed the pump cam from the most aggressive blue to a green one.

It now idles at about 650 in gear and starts right away on the key with no need to touch the pedal. I wasn't able to drive it, but brake torquing it felt good, just held rpm, where before it would stumble and die. It also revs very quickly compared to how it used to, no hesitation or delay.