Suggestions for a "Performance" muffler that isn't too loud

My Newport has these MagnaFlows and is still making way too much noise…
In two weeks I will install other mufflers and will let you know how that turned out

For the 2 1/2" TTI exhaust, yes it is a direct fit.

Turbo on top, Caddy on bottom in this pic.

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Caddy on left in this pic.

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Did your Caddy mufflers neck down to a 1.5" baffle? I was looking at reviews on Summit racing site, and a buyer was not happy with finding that the muffler inlet decreased in size.
A couple of the photos for the part number Walker #21856
I am looking for suggestions for my 79 300 exhaust system to reduce the sound and vibration my current "Flow Through" system is causing. As many of you know my wife suffers from a debiltating nerve injury to her leg that reacts terribly to loud noises or vibration which has prevented her from going for a ride with me. She can tell when a train is 10 miles away just from the vibrations in our house. I do want something that will sing the song of our people when I step on it but is quiet at idle and under highway cruise. No drone etc. Flowmasters? Magnaflow? What have you used that didn't shake the windows but sounds good under full throttle?
I have a pair of Walker Quiet Flow stainless steel mufflers on my Fury and have not noticed any drone. My neighbor says the car sounds great. Idle sound is good too. They weren't expensive either.