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Nov 14, 2010
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Is there a source for parts to redo the ASC roof in a '78 NYB? I've got new vinyl for the roof and roof panel, and will be sending a snip of the headliner material to SMS to see if they can match it up to redo that as well. While I've got everything torn apart I'd really like to put in new cables, guides, etc. and avoid pulling everything apart twice.
I really don't know if there is a source for new items. But sometimes just a good cleaning, and lube, will bring things back into perfect working condition.
I'm prepared to have to do cleaning and lubricating of the cables and the drive mechanism, but there are felt-like weatherstrips or seals in there that are incomplete or missing altogether. Can I simply go into a fabric store and cut strips, or is there some kind of special material that's used?
Take sample of your weather stripping, and seals, to a glass and upholstry shop...they usually have catalogs they can go through and try and match stuff up.