Thermo quad year and cfm


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Dec 31, 2017
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Looking for the year of manufacture and the cfm anyone have any ideas ? Carter thermo-quad 6-2146 Ive tried searching online but not coming up with much info could be I’m just not looking in the correct location .


When the TQ came out, it was not Chrysler factory equipment, but strictly a Carter item. Possibly to counter the 950 Holley 3-bbl of the time. Seems like there was an 850cfm and 1000cfm TQ? Possibly the difference was the primary throttle bore size? 850 was 1.375" and the 1000 was 1.50" primary throttle bores? At the time, the only other similar spread bore carb was the Rochester QJet, stock size of 1.375" primaries and an 850cfm model for the bigger big block HP engines that had 1.50" primaries?

As I recall, the "small" aftermarket TQ, with electric choke, was the 9801? Calibrated for a 383 with the Edelbrock Torker383 intake manifold, they claimed.

The TQuad was supposed to be the "end all" HP carb of all time. Lots of neat features and design orientations, in a time when the Rochester QJet was harder to work on (needing a hammer/punch to remove the accel pump arm, just to get the top of the carb off!). The phenolic float bowl was supposed to be a plus, too, in a time when emissions-controlled engines were having hotter underhood temps, but there were issues with that deal, over time. A little bit "too much different" for many people, who were already fixated on Holley as the best performance carb, back then. Although OEM Holley 4160s on Chrysler products tended to have a "bad rap" for needing carb kits every year (due to issues with gasket leaks and such). But Holley's repuration for the best HP carb remained as the TQuad faded.

As with the Rochester QJet, the carb was sized way too big for most engines, relying upon the air valve to open just enough for what they needed. Which depended upon the spring's tension adjustment.

Just some recollections,