Thinking of building a Petty 61 clone

I recently picked up this 61 belvedere project car. Traded it for 73 polara CHP U code project car. Got a TON of extra 61 parts with it. I got it mainly for the extra parts.
This belvedere has had a lot of work already done to it, but is still ruff in some areas.
It's a rolling shell. I was thinking of how easy it would be to make a 42 or 43 Petty clone out it.
Not much chrome,Not much interior. To do. What do you guys think?

I vote, do it!
You live but once.
Had a close call with my Petty clone project car.
This rotten tree fell in the middle of night. Fortunately i had a sturdy welding table in the way to break the fall of tree.
If table had not been there 61 would have been crushed.!!!



Well,Looking at the pic where Lee and Johnny are going over the wall at 175mph!! If I had a choice of the way I exit this world,it would be like that!!!!
Yup. And all while wearing little more than a helmet and a t-shirt with a pack of Luckys rolled up in the sleeve. I can still hear Chris Economaki’s voice...
Cool concept, there was one for sale in the UK recently and I was having a similar idea. Was curious whether there were many other replicas beyond 42 & 43....sadly sold before I made the decision to buy.