"Tuff Stuff" starter NOT TOO TOUGH AT ALL!

What sort of starter do you use with your C body?

  • OEM Mopar (rebuilt or original)

    Votes: 10 71.4%
  • generic Denso type copy

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • Tuff Stuff

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • Late model Mopar Denso type, retrofitted

    Votes: 3 21.4%
  • Powermaster

    Votes: 1 7.1%
  • auto parts chain supplied Denso type

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  • other

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Gerald Morris

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Mar 9, 2016
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Quick warning to the Faithful: A Tuff Stuff 6084B starter, purchased 10/17/2020, has either burned out, or otherwise busted the solenoid or bendix gear this afternoon, less than 2 years after purchase. Not too damned tough, was it? It spins just dandy, but NO ENGAGEMENT W THE STARTER TEETH ON THE TORQUE CONVERTER. This occurred with NOOOOO warning at all! The damned old motor started fine earlier this afternoon, but when needed later, the starter just whirred freely. I know the sound.

While I can give myself an "attaboy" for keeping the old Mopar starter from the busted engine that came with the car last September, I'm none too impressed with "Tuff Stuff," and won't buy another of their products, period. I might get another Denso type at leisure, just to try these modern starters again, but its not too high a priority now....

Have any of you been burned by this brand as I have?
I've used the late model 1990s type Mitsubishi rebuilt starters without any issues.
@Badvert65 sells a conversion to aid using factory wiring on the later starters.
I buy mini starters if an old one needs replacement. Needed badverts adapter on the 71 Monaco wagon.
I've used the late model 1990s type Mitsubishi rebuilt starters without any issues.
@Badvert65 sells a conversion to aid using factory wiring on the later starters.

Good to know! The old 1968 starter turned my 65 383 over well enough this morning. It appears to be all original, complete w numbers and Pentastar logo still on the case. These cheap pric "remanufacturers" grind that off, which doesn't endear their products or them to me in the least.

Hell, I've got a dead old style "reman" starter and this new Tuff Stuff one on my bench. I suspect I can easily repair either or both of these, and will likely do so. (I have some good motor shop experience from my misspent youth.) I reckon a heat shield would be a damn fine investment, given how the HP exhaust manifold encircles the starter in a fashion to heat up the solenoid. Mind you, "Tuff Stuff" advertises that their product is proof against heat soak, but we see the truth of the matter now.

As soon as the ambient temperature outdoors drops enough, I'll rebuild at least ONE of this pair, probably the new one. It spins up that old V8 smartly enough, when it does its job....

Mitsubishi made many fine motors, engines and such. The Nihon-jin are my favorite Asiatic folk. Good work ethic, high quality standards, et al, typical of northern mountain bred people all combine to command my admiration.
From what you describe the Starter drive/Bendix crapped out
Sure! The gear looks fine. I was driving in town in HOT SUNNY weather, stopped at a Cicle jerK to buy my spawn some junk drinks, started it that last time after it heat soaked up to about 225F, putted the block home, parked and that fried that solenoid. I'll check the thing in the next week, for what exactly burned up. The main starter motor is fine. Might even junkyard for another solenoid. LA block stuff yet abounds nearby.