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I rescued this original body and convertible top from sitting in a backyard for decades. After a few months in the shop, it's running and stopping and now I'm looking for parts. The seats are from a '73 Dart. I want C body seats, either bucket or bench, let fate decide. Trim, an antenna and flip down license plate. The car came with random parts, look for stuff for sale soon.
Hey I guess this is the right place to msg you. Im looking for a nice wing vent. I found one out if California a few years ago for the other side and its near mint. Would like to find something similar with no pits or freckling.
not trying to rob you of any dizzy sales , just thought i'd get it out there . hey do you handle other car brands of dizzies ? i've pickup up some 62 ish corvette duel point and an extra nos cap . those have two sliding windows for the dual points adjustment , everything looks new . i was after the 350 hp 327 intake (snowflake) oem for a project i'm just getting started on .
hey i finally clear my inbox . go for the reply now .
Hey SGT.. need you to check your stash of formals to see if there is or you have a Splash / heat shield on the passenger side stubframe rail right underneath the passenger side fender, pictured is where it would be. The one off my car pictured is off the driver side of my 77 NYB. I’m not sure if there’s supposed to be one on the passenger side, but if there is can you check to see if you have one please?


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Since your inbox is full.. I need to ship a bumper assembly from Oregon to Texas so I´m looking for a shipper who doesn´t quote more than I paid for the bumper. You had a thread half a year ago about lots of bumpers and shipping at about 200$. Could you tell me which company you use for shipping ? Thanks a lot

Thank you, the FedEx website quoted 499$ cheapest for ground transport. I've to check that again
Hmmm? I've been averaging $150-200 for c body bumpers.
$235 for larger 69-73 fusey fronts.
What kinda bumper are you shipping? A pointy 74-78 front or 5mph era bumper would differ greatly on weight
68 GTO chrome bumper with assembly. do you usually put your items in a box or wrap them in protective foil ?
looking for 83/4 rear for 71 chrysler t&c hopefully with 355 limited slip. I have leaky 314. Can't find bearings & seals 4
looking for 8 3/4 c body rear hopefully with 355 limited slip I have 71 T & C with leaky 314
buonasera, sono Filippo dall'Italia e ho comprato una Chrysler Imperial del 1963 ma alla mia macchina mancano i pannelli delle portiere anteriori e posteriori, la tua si adatta alla mia? oppure sai dove li posso trovare anche da ricostruire? Grazie filippo
You still have your 63 300? I'm in Wesley Chapel I have a 64 300K convertible, 64 300 coupe, 64 Newport convertible
Hello, I am new to this forum. I own a 1967 Imperial Crown Coupe with the directors chair. I need a hood ornament and front turn signal lenses to start. I did see that DETMATT has some.
Thank you
I see your pictures, great job. I own a 1972 ex Oregon State interceptor, purchased from the state police in 1974. Years ago I removed my tan interior and have always regretted it. Would you be kind enough to give me any leads you may have as to where to get the tan interior components. Thank you for your time.
SMS fabrics sells the original seat upholstry and headliner material. its not cheap, but its same material from the Chrysler factory. SEM makes a camel colored vinyl paint that I used to paint all my panels,
Please allow me to state, I just bought this car I was told a lot of things I still have to confirm. She is a beauty, but I want to make sure I maintain the integrity and value of the car while still having that ear to ear grin of enjoyment! I have waited many years to have some fun