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    fitchburg mass swap meet this sunday

    I will for sure!!
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    Should I buy this 67 New Yorker?

    That's a beautiful New Yorker!! I think you and I are both partiai to the 67's! A one owner doesn't come by hardly ever anymore, I'd say go for it and slowly fix her up as you enjoy it. I have a mint radio face plate it's woodgrain so it's from a New Yorker, if you buy the car let me know and...
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    New member of the family

    And it has the optional right side mirror! That's a beauty, enjoy!!
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    NOT MINE 1967 Imperial Sedan / Auction Car

    Sure is a pretty one! Looks like she's in need of new leaf springs though, sitting pretty low in the back.
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    New acquisition

    The original tires were Uniroyal Tiger Paw Royal Seal. They were replaced years ago with Michelins and then replaced again with Vogue Tires. The car has 110k on it
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    New acquisition

    We have something in common. I picked this 94 Roadmaster out of the showroom floor for my folks in November 94. It's not the Limited like yours though. One of the best cars they ever owned. It's mine now, and driven during the good weather. Jadestone with the beige cloth seats. LT1 motor is...
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    Look at my plate!

    Here's mine. 66 Fleetwood.
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    NOT MINE 1967 Chrysler Town & Country - C$7,500 - Emerson-Franklin, Manitoba, Canada

    Pretty sharp! Looks like someone added front bucket seats? Non a/c car, dog dish hubcaps and disc brakes, I like it!
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    NOT MINE 68 imperial coupe

    Love the red interior! Owning an Imperial is on my bucket list and yours is a beauty! Lots of potential there, I'm sure you'll enjoy it. Best wishes
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    Did the Mass. State Police drive 1974 Dodges?

    Not sure what they drove in 74. I bought this "used car ($375!!) back in 1980. I seriously regret selling it, what a car!!
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    Texas auction of a Mopar Hoard.

    Man, there's some great cars on here, looks like they're going to sell for dirt cheap!! I'm loving the black 61 Imperial Crown and the 440 67 T&C
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    Steering wheel

    Couldn't help but notice that the 67 New Yorker up for auction on the Texas Mopar Hoard thread has the tilt/ telescopic wheel!
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    NOT MINE 1966 Chrysler Imperial 4dr Hardtop - $35,000 - Walnut Creek, California

    Why thank you! My 66 Fleetwood Brougham and my 67 Newport Custom
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    1967 Chrysler Newport

    Nice car! I hope you enjoy it!!
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    Let's see some Wagons!

    Great job saving this wagon! Really like the 1970 models I'm sure you'll enjoy driving it