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  • Hey Lea: Good to re-connect here! I tried a bunch of times to eMail. had some old ones I guess, what is your current-in-use one? The one I had was for an auto business eMail address?
    Still in the same house? When they open the border like to visit up sometime!
    Really like his '71 but he wants $10k US for it told me he paid $6500 CDN - sheesh!
    Roger A
    Hi CBARGE, I got the Putco harness. I see the following;
    *Two relays and plugs for those relays, that makes perfect sense.
    *Two red leads which go the the + side of the battery, again that makes sense.
    *One male plug, but where does it go? I'm guessing it plugs into the first socket off the far left headlamp?
    *Two female plugs. So, there I have two female plugs, but I have 4 headlamps. . Thanks, Rich in Tampa
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