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  • Hey, there! I am unable to post a link (character limit), but there's a '59 Imp on FB Marketplace in Waterford but from Tx. No underbody shots, but top-side looks good though faded. $4,500. Been listed for 15 weeks, so like as not would take less. Cheers!
    Hello, I am new to this forum. I own a 1967 Imperial Crown Coupe with the directors chair. I need a hood ornament and front turn signal lenses to start. I did see that DETMATT has some.
    Thank you
    Hi Matt, I just now saw your thread on the Imperial. I've developed and interest in the Imps, and tomorrow (Sat 12/12/20) am going to look at a '65 Crown Coupe in Clearwater. Any advice on what I should look for? Trouble spots? Rust spots? Any items that would cost a fortune to fix?

    Let me know what you think, and cheers from Tampa,

    Richard Reau
    Hey @Richard Reau , your message box is full.
    I wish I could help you as good as I could if it were a ‘67/8 you were going to look at. I still don’t have much experience with the earlier cars but I’m working on it.
    Best thing would be for you to go look at it and report back to me with what doesn’t work and some good overall pictures of the car.
    hi matt
    this is rick with the 68 imperial convert how are the floors behind the drivers seat
    Hello again, You mentioned in a post a while ago that you know the owners of the Yellow 71 fury GT or you know someone who knows. I believe you said it was in the Detroit area. Is there a way I can get this contact info? Thanks for your help. Rob
    Looks like they were off a Supper or Road Master buy the wheel covers, The brakes should be the same. The weight for the four drums alone to ups is going to be $$$ My brother in law is going to Mopar national in Columbus in August, If you do he could pick it all up there! What kind of money we looking at for all of it?
    Hi Mat,
    Have you had any experience with the Cardone rebuilt Budd brake calipers?
    My originals need re sleeving due to pitting and its going to be very expensive, ($100 per bore)
    I am looking at these calipers through Summit
    Any info is very helpful.

    Hi Gavin, I have bought 1 set of Cardone calipers in the past for a car that I was planning on selling. They worked fine in the very short period of time that drove the car. I had the calipers on my keeper/driver sleeved locally.
    Matt, I am looking for a plug for the window motor in the 65. This one is a 3 prong, female side. I have pictures but I cannot figure how to attach them. It has a green and purple wire. let me know how to get a picture to you is there is a question. How much? The last one you sent me fit like a glove!
    Matt we have a problem with the window motors. My cars are stored about a hour from where I live. My grandson lives there at the farm. When I had him make sure that the items all work....and they do. He cut the ends " plugs " of the wiring harness.
    Hello Detmatt,
    Tim here. Isn't it amazing that so many people today believe that if it is not in a book, it did not happen? Kids these days.
    I wanted to tell you that my 67' new Yorker is Going to New Zealand next week. The guy bought my 60' matador last november, and was quite happy to buy the 67' as well.
    He also wants the 67' 440 TNT newport as well, but i am waffling so far.

    message back at any time!
    Hello again Detmatt and thank you for your answer. I will send you some more pictures when I have figured out how to navigate the forum. My daughter is helping me at the moment to write this post. I'm looking for a hood ornament for my car and left and right sill plates for my convertible. If you or someone else can help me to get hold of these parts I would be very grateful. Best regards/IMP67Sweden
    Hey Dematt. Looking for a 65 chrysler autopilot/cruise dash switch and knob for 65 wagon restoring.
    Get back with me in a couple of weeks I might be able to help.
    Hey, Matt!
    Time is at hand! Just wondering if you can steer me toward anyone in southeast Michigan who has Mopar build experience and time to work on a C body. Anything from engine rebuilds to disc brake conversion to suspension builds. I'm not looking to build a monster performer, just someone who can take a nice C body and make it stone-cold reliable. Any particular leads?
    Thanks, Bri
    I am looking for

    Kickdown linkage for a 4 barrel 318 slider meachanism
    The longer one

    The 4 barrel throttle bracket for the 318 with the vertical cable attachment

    A carburetor cable stud

    And Holley 20-7 retrofit piece

    Air cleaner for a 318 four barrel.

    Basically e double 2bbl in my profile picture is cool and works well. But I want something more gas friendly and easier to work with
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