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    For Sale 1965 Imperial Crown for sale

    More info on the car.
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    For Sale 1965 Imperial Crown for sale

    Highlights of my 1965 Imperial Crown Original mileage @125K. Runs great and trans shifts great. Converted to dual master cylinder in 2022 and brakes bled and adjusted. Dual exhaust installed with turbo II mufflers. Deep rumble but not load. New tank and sending unit in June 2023 New tires...
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    Bench seat cover

    I was looking to get my front seat redone in my 65 Imperial but the funds for that are going elsewhere, I thought maybe I could get a slip on seat cover in the mean time. Any one try one or know someone who has done this. I have seen them for bench seats but would like solid feedback.
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    Rear glass

    Also try I found a back glass for my 65 Imperial on there at Elmer’s in Wisconsin a few years back.
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    SOLD 1966 Imperial Convertible for Sale $6k Olympia WA

    How much for just the license plate frame??
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    Almost fits

    Crest Hill? I live in Romeoville and mine fits with a few feet to spare in the front and back. I will have to post pics
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    Welcome Billy Bats to FCBO!

    Always loved C bodies. My first car was a 75 Gran Fury and have a 65 Imperial now. Location: Romeoville,Illinois