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  1. i_taz

    Turn signal switch

    My horn died a slow death with one spoke going bad and now none work. I'm guessing I should have voltage here at the steering wheel for the horn...??? Fuse and relay seem good...
  2. i_taz

    speedo cable length

    Hi All, Anybody with the speedo cable from the cruise to the tranny laying around that I can get an exact cable length ? The end twisted off mine and have since lost the piece. It appears there should be some pressure on the core going into the cruise since it's apparently spring loaded and I...
  3. i_taz

    Power steering leak

    Hi All, I'm chasing a power steering leak after I thought I found a bad hose. The pump and gear were replaced recently prior to my ownership but was told it was never right. The fluid is once again pushing out the top of the pump, so the air is back. I guess the pump is the cheapest place...
  4. i_taz

    Custom shocks

    Hey all, Anyone familiar with these guys...? They rebuild or even customize a shock to fit. I put the KYB gas-adjust on the front and it's still pretty bouncy. Afraid of it bottoming out. Maybe when I get the rear on it will help but there turning out to be harder than the front...! Jack...
  5. i_taz

    Temp warning

    Hi all, Has anyone run into the hi temp indicator lamp intermittently illuminating when all else seems OK...? Sending unit, instrument voltage regulator or bad ground ? Thnx Jack
  6. i_taz

    Misty eye's

    Hey all, I first notice antifreeze steam coming out of my vents one day the moment the A/C was turned on in a '77 New Yorker... Seemed odd to me but the first thing that I thought of was the evaporator coil but I guess it has to be the heater core. Looking at the factory FSM there side by side...