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  1. Ocalanewport

    Instrument Cluster question

    I’m looking at an instrument cluster on Ebay from a 1967 New Yorker. It looks exactly the same as the one in my 1965 Newport. Anyone has a reason why it shouldn’t work?
  2. Ocalanewport

    SOLD Holley Street Avenger 500 cfm 2 barrel Carburetor used once

    Bought this Holley carburetor for my 1965 Newport, we installed it and found it was too much carburetor for my 383. Purchased from Summit for $485.00 We drained the gas from and put it back in the box, so it is basically new. Model # 2300 - 080500 $375.00 Contact me for shipping costs.
  3. Ocalanewport

    SOLD 1965 Newport 2 Barrel Bendix Carburetor - used

    Selling a used Bendix 2 barrel carburetor off a 1965 Newport. Carburetor will probably need to be rebuilt. Originally bought from Summit Racing. Won’t hold an idle. $35.00 Contact me for shipping costs.
  4. Ocalanewport

    For Sale 1965 Chrysler single snorkel air cleaner.

    Selling a single snorkel air cleaner off a 1965 Chrysler Newport. In excellent condition. Asking $75.00 Contact me for shipping costs.
  5. Ocalanewport

    OEM oil filter search

    I’m looking for a blue & white Mopar one.
  6. Ocalanewport

    OEM oil filter search

    I’m having no luck finding a OEM repo oil filter for my ‘65 Newport with a 383. Every site I visit say “not available “ I’m wanting to keep the original look Anyone knows where they are available? I don’t want to pay $ 90.00+ I found on Ebay. Thanks.
  7. Ocalanewport

    WANTED Newport front trim needed

    Thanks For the offer, I purchased one online already.
  8. Ocalanewport

    WANTED Newport front trim needed

    Thanks for the research. I called and ordered one. I really appreciate you helping me out! Great to know the Mopar family looks out for each other. And the checks in the mail…lol
  9. Ocalanewport

    WANTED Newport front trim needed

    Trim needed! 1965 Newport drivers front fender. It fell off today, anyone in C body land have one? Let me know. Thanks
  10. Ocalanewport


    looking for the front right and left side kick panels under the dash, are they in good shape? Thanks in advance.
  11. Ocalanewport

    Disc brake kit

    I had my mechanic install the set on my 1965 Newport and he said it was easy without any issues. The brakes work great, money well spent.
  12. Ocalanewport

    Is my 66 riding low?

    Mine's a '65 and the height looks about the same.
  13. Ocalanewport

    65 Newport Instrument cluster removal

    In addition to the 4 screws holding the upper trim above the cluster, and I remove the bottom piece with the vent knobs, are there screws on the bottom of the steering column holding the top part of the column? Are there many screws holding it on the dash?
  14. Ocalanewport

    65 Newport Instrument cluster removal

    Thank you Dave, I downloaded the manual. That will be a great help. The odometer still won't turn, so I guess I have to send it off to a shop. I did order a new speedometer cable, the old one was damaged at the transmission.
  15. Ocalanewport

    65 Newport Instrument cluster removal

    My odometer not working on ny '65 Newport, so I have to remove the instrument cluster. Anyone out there done that before? Can you tell me what you did? Thanks a lot.
  16. Ocalanewport

    Rear end identification.

    Ok, thanks for the advice.
  17. Ocalanewport

    Rear end identification.

    Thanks! That is a big help.
  18. Ocalanewport

    Rear end identification.

    Looks like I need a new speedometer gear, my speedometer is off 5- 10 mph. I have a '65 Newport. Convertible 383 2bbl. Any ideas what rear end it has? Figured I'd ask the experts. Thanks!
  19. Ocalanewport

    Mopars at the battleship

    Always a great show by the BEMA folks. Also got "Best in C Class" throphy!