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  1. All-American

    Bluetooth Addition - What would you want.

    I had our local stereo guy install a full system for me. It is a bit different than what you outlined, so feel free to disregard, but my main goal of having the ability to hook to a phone or iPod, without damaging the dash in any way sounds similar to yours. They put a new head unit in the...
  2. All-American

    DMT Splash Guard Fitment

    The cross country season I am coaching is almost finished and I was planning on using that stipend as "car/play money" so Id gladly be the guinea pig. Timing of ordering and shipping would theoretically line up with my Thanksgiving break too. I would be able to pull the car inside and take all...
  3. All-American

    DMT Splash Guard Fitment

    Hello everyone, Got an email back from Mr. Fillmore. He said they do not fit a 73 and he doubts he will ever create them. He said the Mopar parts books are not great for recreating things like this due to variety of factors and its a tough thing to spend a lot of money on equipment and tooling...
  4. All-American

    DMT Splash Guard Fitment

    Sounds good everyone! I will get a hold of him, see what he says and report back.
  5. All-American

    DMT Splash Guard Fitment

    My current splash guards are pretty torn up and crumbly in my 73 New Yorker. Do you guys think these would fit? The title says only goes to 71, but description has 73 listed as well. Mopar C Body 69-71 Chrysler New Yorker 300 MEGA Splash Shield Set
  6. All-American

    Comment by 'All-American' in item 'Cc'

    Thank you! I wasn't sure if a website like that existed so I really do appreciate it.
  7. Cc


    This is CC (CeeCee). I lucked into this car my senior year of college (2018). She has just under 59k thousand miles. She was originally sold in Butte MT, I believe I am the 4th owner but I know that the 3rd owner only had it for about 3 weeks. It has a 440 in it. When I bought it, it was...
  8. All-American

    Welcome All-American to FCBO!

    I'm a small town teacher, and coach. Once upon a time was a college athlete, now I help my students and athletes try to realize their dreams. My 73 NYer is my baby. Still learning the whole mechanic/tinker thing so all help is appreciated and will listen for any and all wisdom/advice. Location...