66 Polara 500

  • I had no idea what the "500" package was but I learned with this car. I learned the "500" package included bucket seats and console and had a 383 as the standard engine.
    When I first saw this car I thought all polaras were the same with buckets and console and then I later found that only the "500" package cars do. They also made them with 318s and bench seats.

    I originally went to look at this car when I heard it was for sale. I was looking for a mid 60s 383 engine and I was expecting to find some kind of C-body, presumably rusty and 4 door and basically a good donor car. What I found is this car, not rusty, mega cool and it would be criminal to call it a donor car for any reason.

    So here I am, chasing parts for it and intending to love it like a family member.
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  1. shooter65
    Good story, glad to see the appreciation for C-bodies, that's a very nice car to restore.
  2. glassman
    I posted some of the parts i have. I did a custom and have a lot of stuff left over . car came from arizona which are rust free.I want to do a bundle and bumpers, brackets, complete ft grill,taillightd,molding, seat covers, headliner . Mine was also a 500. I think they made about 600 of them.If you want to see pic of parts send me an email .to many to list
  3. e-440
    that is a beauty
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