'69 Sport Fury

  • 69%2520Fury%2520White00002_zps87hxdon7%5b1%5d.jpg 69%2520Fury%2520White00010_zps9y5ohain%5b1%5d.jpg 2 owner car originally from Pennsylvania.
    75.000 miles with a 318, console and bucket seats.
    Close to mint condition.
    Will be arriving to me in Sweden in a couple of months.


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  1. Turboomni
    I was looking for a 1969 Fury since last December and I do remember seeing your car for quite sometime on various listings. It looks to be a very nice car and congratulations on your purchase !!!! the fender skirts add to the very dignified appearance of the car as well as it's great condition. All the best to you and your new Fury. A very pretty car indeed!
  2. e-440
    I have see this car listed on ebay for some time. Is this where you purchased it. Very nice I was watching this one. enjoy
    1. Driver2
      Yes..that's the one. I've been looking for a while and when I saw it on Ebay..the case was closed. :0)
      Driver2, Aug 24, 2016
  3. 69monaco
    You will find some things about this car here......
    1. Driver2
      Yep, I've been very welcomed by the C body-community in a very short time. And also received some useful tips..
      Driver2, Aug 21, 2016
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