Ayilar's Turquoise 1970 Polara Convertible



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  1. Henrius
    With the high quality of the detail in the trees, this photo had to be taken with a digital SLR and a high-quality lens. You are a good photographer.
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    1. ayilar
      Thank you. The trees and the car gave their best, I just took a shot :) (PS: your inbox is full)
      ayilar, Feb 28, 2021
  2. 64Surfwagon
    I LOVE your convertibles ! Simply Awesome Sleds !
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  3. Pete Kaczmarski
    The high beams look like those "airport landing lights" that need a voltage convertor and use only when no one else is on the road. I heard they had a short life also.
  4. Henrius
    Are the inboard headlights stock? If not, what kind of replacement headlights are they?
    1. ayilar
      Nope, they are not. They were on the car when I bought it last year. I plan on replacing them with OEM units. The low beams have the typical look when lit up, but I have not yet tested out the high beams: Pics of 69-73 C bodies
      ayilar, Jan 21, 2021
  5. JC68vert300
    Very nice, one of my favorite colors. More photos please.
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    i am looking for a driver side front caliper bracket for my 1969 dodge polara 500 convertible
  7. SportFury70
    Very nice :thumbsup:. I do believe you plan to keep this one? I hope it makes a debut at Carlisle this year
    1. ayilar
      Thank you! I plan to bring "Regina" to the 2021 C-Body Midwest show and to take her on the 2021 CATL. My plan for Carlisle is to bring Medina, my 1971 Monaco, for this year’s 50-year reunion at Carlisle.
      ayilar, Jan 18, 2021
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  8. Pete Kaczmarski
    more pictures please
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    1. SportFury70
      SportFury70, Jan 18, 2021
    2. tallhair
      Agree! Nice car Ayilar!
      tallhair, Jan 29, 2021