Scott 440 Tnt Conv

  • I just got this car so I'll have to add info as I discover it.
    Any help with production numbers for 440 TNT or Data Plate Decoding the options would be greatly appreciated.
    This car sadly was left outside for sometime, it looks like it was a very nice car before that.
    The bottom side looks as good as the top, but the floors have to be replaced.
    Trunk looks good strangely but hood and trunk have some rust.
    The gas tank is gone but other than that it looks complete and untouched.
    I'm learning something cool about this car everyday.
    Has power drum brakes.
    Tilt column that telescopes, so nice.
    8 track radio, anybody have some old tapes I can use. Lol
    Power drivers seat
    Stereo speakers on dash
    Very rust free undercarriage, but the floors have gotten the worst of it.
    Dual Exhaust looks and sounds great
    No sludge in the valve train, extremely clean.
    Successful start today, sounds really strong.
    Replacing freeze plugs I can get to.
    Power top is working.
    Trans is working.
    Carb has rebuild kit installed, runs much better.
    Fresh paint on air cleaner and new dog dish :) pic added.
    New gas tank and sender installed, used b-body tank.
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  1. Scott 440 TNT
    The 300 with TNT 440 has been sold and is going to a good home in California for a total restoration. I'm happy with the $5,000 sale price, it's definitely not a $500 car. Haha
    Thanks too all the members here for all your help with so many of my questions over the last few months. Hopefully I'll find some other Mopar to keep in the future.
    Wow, nice car! What's the sledge hammer for?
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    1. Scott 440 TNT
      Thanks, the hammer is the only tool I'm proficient with. Lol
      Old Freeze plugs needed some help exiting the block.
      Scott 440 TNT, Oct 26, 2020
  3. Henrius
    Boy, will that ever be a treasure once it is restored! Great find.
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    1. Scott 440 TNT
      Thanks, I really didn't know how rare it is until after I brought home. First Mopar, beginners luck.
      Scott 440 TNT, Oct 17, 2020
  4. 440tnt
    Very cool. Love my TNT in my 68
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  5. carguy300
    A real TNT car according to the VIN. Will be a Winner when you bring it back to life! Has Great potential.
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    1. Scott 440 TNT
      Thanks, it looks to be all original and solid except for the floors.
      Scott 440 TNT, Oct 17, 2020
    2. Scott 440 TNT
      I really like your 300, great colors and wheels on that gem and best of all is that TNT.
      Scott 440 TNT, Oct 17, 2020
  6. Hubie
    Looks like a good project. Adding a power booster shouldnt be a problem. RockAuto has units in stock.
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    1. Scott 440 TNT
      Today I noticed that it does have power drum brakes, that will definitely help.
      Scott 440 TNT, Sep 13, 2020
  7. shooter65
    CAR: Chrysler 300 2 Door Convertible
    ENGINE: 440cid 4-bbl HP V8
    TRANSMISSION: 3-Speed Automatic
    TIRES: Unknown tire code
    BUILD DATE: December 08.
    AXLE: 3.23 Rear Axle Ratio
    INTERIOR: , Vinyl Bucket Seats. White on Black Interior.
    PAINT: Monotone Red Paint.
    OTHER: White Horizontal Accent Stripe.

    14: Sill Mouldings
    30: Body Belt Mouldings
    78: Wheel Lip Mouldings

    A1: 26in Radiator
    K8: Power Windows
    Q9: Sentinel Lighting
    R0: AM 8-Track Radio
    S3: Autotemp Air Conditioning
    X1: Tinted Glass (all)
    Y2: White Convertible Top

    abc OPTIONS:
    f7: Unknown Option
    g0: Unknown Option
    h7: Fender or Hood Mounted Turn Signal Indicators
    r1: Unknown Option
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    1. Scott 440 TNT
      Thank you
      I'm having a problem trying to figure out the options.
      Scott 440 TNT, Sep 12, 2020
    2. 440tnt
      Any updates
      440tnt, Nov 14, 2020
    3. Camshaft
      Nice Car, lots of potential and cool options. I also have the Q9 option but what is sentinel lighting?
      Camshaft, Dec 1, 2020